Knowlton Church and Henge. January 2020.


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Today, we went to Knowlton Henge, having been ‘prompted’ to go earlier in the week.  We hadn’t visited in a few years, and the last time we had gone I had learned many new things about earth-working.

While Chris drove, I received the energieswhich told me what I would be doing at the siteand the instructions. I also had to make an essence, so I made sure that I had a fresh bottle of mineral water with me.

When we got there, we headed for the chapel. I made the essencethe Bread of Life beneath the tower and anchored a gold line from ‘upstairs’ to a gold loop under the ground. I then had to walk this gold ‘thread’ around the henge, anti-clockwise, until I returned to the beginning of the circle.

The last thing needed, was to re-enter the church and anchor a chalice of light there, placing it where a baptismal font would have originally stood.  Between the making of the essence, which felt like a priest giving communion, and chalice/font, it reminded me of what chapels were originally built for: a place to access the Gifts of the Mother, through the bread/communion (Earth-energy), the Gifts of the Father, through the wine, and the Water of Life (emotional healing and succour). Although today, it was all about accessing, and anchoring, the Mother’s energy only.

It was a simple energy-working, this time, so I spent some time enjoying the place and taking photos of the lovely ribbons and the rooks in the trees in the adjoining field.

As we were leaving the henge, the work completed, we bumped into Eartha, who was coming for a visit on her way home for a few days. We’d both been prompted to go there that day. I hadn’t seen her in two months, but it was no surprise that we were there at the same time.

I’m glad we both listened.

Itchen Woods Banjo: Ice Giants. Dec. 2019.

After the visit with the druid guardian, we walked down to the Banjo Enclosure. We discovered that it was nearly in a direct line from the Druid settlement, albeit around two-hundred meters apart. This is less to do with ley-line connections than the fact that there were a number of hollow-ways (old deep trackways) running up alongside the Banjo and the smaller settlement. Coldridge Banjo kept coming into my head. This ancient landscape reminded me of that one, with its settlement sites and hollow-ways linking them together.

We walked down along one of the deeper hollow-ways until we came to the large Banjo enclosure; so-called because it is a circular bank and ditch enclosure with a long avenue leading to it. They are usually aligned south-east. The trees which had been so abundant on our last visit had been cut down and the site was clear, making it easier for us to walk to the centre.

Almost immediately, Chris began to receive information and could see two beings, a male and female. He described them as ice-people, tall and white. The woman had long sparkling white hair.

I knew who he was talking about because, yesterday, while at home, I had felt energy coming in and surrounding me. It made me feel as though I had a hat on my head, and gloves on my hands. The energy was that of Iceland and I was being told to keep myself warm. Then the energy had come fully into my energy. She was a woman with long white hair and was wearing a long deep blue cloak with a tall white collar. I had no idea who she was, only that she was connected to Iceland. We had visited Iceland ten years ago, so I assumed she was reminding me of that.

Now, however, she was here in the Banjo, giving us information and energy from Iceland. Chris could see the man and woman lift silver goblets to the sun, asking for a blessing from the sun. They brought the goblets down and poured the blue fluid into the Banjo, until it was filled with it, like a sheet of blue-white ice. Once filled, a sound vibration was sent through it, sending ripples from the centre out the edge and back again. Next, another sound vibration caused little droplets of fluid to rise. According to the video above, this is the result of both low and high sound frequencies being sent through the water.

Once this had been achieved, I saw the woman initiate a metallic, silver-white vortex from the ground and surround me in it. It reached to the top of my head. Chris was given an orange-yellow vortex of the same material. It was a gift of fire and ice.

The male energy began to tell Chris about the effects of global warming and how humans were damaging the balance of the earth. This was quite challenging for him, and for me, as we have been very sceptical about global warming.  Having studied archaeology for seven years, I know that the earth heats up and cools down all the time, but they were telling us that humans were accelerating the process and we would suffer as a result of the melting ice-caps. It wasn’t just the sun being reflected from the poles back into space that was being affected, but the weight of the ice itself as the balancer of the magnetic pole.

But he was told too, that children were being born who would bring changes and awareness into the world and it was they who would save the planet. We can already see this happening.  I was told before that the books that I am bringing through are for these children; children with a deeper connection to the creative energies of the planet.

As Chris was sharing what he was being told, the woman placed an ice staff at my forehead and planted a bright, snowy light there. She told me to hold out my hands and she placed burning coals into them. She told me to eat them. My rational mind instantly kicked in and started to question the logic of ingesting hot coals, but I did what she instructed and swallowed them. They now sit behind my hara (behind my navel). I felt like a volcano under the ice! She told me that I would invent a new style/form of writing. I could see myself teaching this in the future. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I’ve learned better than to question Elemental Beings who know more than I do.

Lastly, she placed a bell-jar over my field, protecting my Rose (Divine Feminine) energy. It reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. A little worrying!!!

As we left the enclosure we were aware of how huge these beings were. They were as tall as the trees! Ice Giants! They looked down on us as we left, bidding us farewell.  We have always had initiatic experiences in this enclosure, but Ice Giants from the North?   Many years ago, I was told that we were slowly entering a mini-ice age. Perhaps it is distinctly closer than we think. If this is the case, then we’re going to need help from the traditions of people from northern climes who have lived in the cold for centuries. We can’t even manage one snowy winter. Imagine if we had to do it for winters that were six months long?

I wonder how long we’ve got, or has it already begun?

Coldridge Wood. Prt. 3 and 4.

Cont’d from  trip to Coldridge with Ian.

brigid_at_imbolc11The Goddess Brigid, who is the energy of Coldridge, is also known as ‘the moon crowned Brigid of the Eternal Flame:

“Brighid bhoidheach, Bride the beautiful. Brighid, or Bride, is the tutelary goddess of the Gaelic peoples of  the western Isles, where she is still well loved and worshipped under the guise of the Christian Saint Bridgid. She is the daughter of the Dagdha.

She is known by many different names, for her mysteries are many. She is the ‘Lady of the Shores’, for the shore is one of those magical in-between places that so fascinated the Celts. The shore is neither dry land, nor is it the sea, yet it is the meeting place of both.

Brighid is also known as the ‘Two-Faced One’. In the legends, she is described as having one side of her face black and ugly, while the other side is white and beautiful. The Mystery of Bride is to be found in the annual transformation of the cailleach, the hag of winter, into the fair maiden of Spring.

Brighid is the goddess of all arts and crafts, and as such she is the feminine principle of the Ildanach, the counterpart of Lugh. She represents the potential of all women for she is the eternal flame that burns in the heart and hearth of every woman of the Gael, ‘moon-crowned Brighid of the undying flame’. This principle of the undying flame continued even after the coming of Christianity into Ireland. At the fifth century sanctuary of St. Bride of Kildare, the sacred fire within was attended by her devoted maidens and was never allowed to go out.


Coldridge Banjo Enclosure

The name of this goddess originates from the Gaelic words Breo-Saighit, which means Fiery Arrow. The arrows of Brighid have many attributes. As goddess of bards, smiths and physicians she is the flame of poetical inspiration and of healing, and the fire of the divine forge.

Finally, as the Good Shepherdess who watches over her flock, Brighid presides over the cradle of the new born infant. It is a common practise for the women of the Isles to hang rowan crosses over their cradles whilst reciting a charm or prayer to Brighid to invoke her protection.” See link below for reference.”

This explains a lot about the Coldridge Banjo enclosure! The first time I brought Kat (Archaeology friend and fellow healer) there she said that the female energy there was the Goddess Brigid. All we knew about her at that time was that she was a Celtic goddess!

When I was with another friend, I had picked up the dark/light energy, very Brigid. At the time though I didn’t know what it meant!

What it’s saying is that effectively, the Banjo is a Winter/Spring site.  Plus, the  flame has now been reactivated, but, although it is the flame of Brigid I’m still not sure what its function is? And it is the White flame, which is the Winter flame and is often anchored in the sea, close to the shore.

Previous information discovered during psychometry sessions with Kat revealed that one of the Iron Age inhabitants of the enclosure was a leather worker. He tanned his hides and made good quality leather goods. There was also a wheel Wright who had his forge nearby and who channelled lunar energy into his metalworking, especially horseshoes and anything related to travelling, hence, I assume, the ‘lucky horseshoes’ we still use today!! So maybe a ‘Brigid’ site would be the perfect place to have a forge and a craftsman!

The Winter and Spring vortexes are also east of the main enclosure with the avenue leading directly to them.  West of the Banjo, about a mile away, and on the energy-line, is the square enclosure, with the vortex at the bottom. of the avenue. This is the same layout but this time, the vortex is south of the enclosure. A Bronze Age King is the guardian of that site.  But the Brigit energy is in the perfect place if the twin vortices are Winter and Spring!

On a later trip to Coldridge in April 2010 with Eartha:


Interior of Banjo during Spring.

We made our way up to Coldridge and it felt beautiful, soft and warm. The energies are in a good place. Eartha  felt exactly the same. We went into the Banjo enclosure and I actually found a piece of Bronze Age pottery!

Eartha  was picking up the older energies of the boat people, which I had also picked up when I first began to work on this site! She felt that they had escaped an inundation.  Chris and I received the same information whilst working on the Dorset Cursus some time later!

When we were done here, I took her down to the vortices at the bottom. On the way down the over-grown avenue, I found a bird’s skull. It looked a bird of prey as its upper beak was curved downwards for meat-eating rather than pecking. Down at the spring vortex, I could see that all the work I have done there is still in place but the vortex itself was quiet. But I did find another skull, this time a deer which had been dead for quite some time. I think it was a young deer. I gave it to Eartha, as she works with the Deer energy. Then we made our way down to the winter vortex. As we walked down to the vortex, which was difficult to find as everything has changed, the only way we could find it was by feeling! We both felt like we were walking ritually towards the vortex as though we were about to perform an ancient ritual. We each had our skulls and this felt very significant. When I felt the need to raise my arms I knew we had to stop here even though it looked nothing like it had down before. The bluebells were beginning to come out and there was green openness everywhere.

Then we made our way down to the winter vortex. As we walked down to the vortex, which was difficult to find as everything has changed, the only way we could find it was by feeling! We both felt like we were walking ritually towards the vortex as though we were about to perform an ancient ritual. We each had our skulls and this felt very significant. When I felt the need to raise my arms I knew we had to stop here even though it looked nothing like it had done before. The bluebells were beginning to come out and there was green openness everywhere.

cailleach3Once I was aware of the Mother, who appeared as an old woman in a very dark cloak and hood, I ‘heard’ myself pray to her, although it isn’t so much a prayer as a communication or invocation:

O Holy Mother, Diviner of Truth, search my heart now and fill the spaces which are empty of your love. Fill me with your Divine Essence so that I can bring this love to your children Fill me with the Light of the Divine and allow me the strength necessary for the execution of my tasks.

This is my Divine Right and I ask it now. Thank you and So it is.

Then I heard her reply!

You bring me Death, I give you life. Bring your dead to me, for I am the Mother of the Void, of the chasm between life and death, the Alpha and Omega. I take life and I birth it anew.

Adoratrice, I acknowledge your status of High Priestess and as such I bequeath to you three gifts. The gift of Life, to share with Humanity. The gift of Succour, to support you in your journey and the Gift of Love, to spread to the world. Do you agree to carry these gifts in your heart?

I answered yes, even though I had absolutely no idea what that would mean in practice, so she continued:

Then they will fill your empty spaces. Go in peace now and ever remember me in your prayers for help.  Take this with you wherever you go. It is my Divine Essence.  A parting gift from the Mother. Come Hither.

I had to place a bottle of water on the ground in amongst the bluebells for her to place her gifts into. Then I saw her place a red berry, a white berry and a green berry and a generous helping of green, bubbly stew! She added a small diamond as an extra surprise gift! Then I saw a heart which was opened at the top and all her energy filled it up so that it was full. And then we were done.

Work done and essence made. I love doing this.

(1 Oct. 2016. I have held onto the essence since then and I have never used it, until now. It certainly heals; by bringing up old unhealed grief and loss and filling you up again. To be used with very conscious intention and in a safe, nurturing place!)

Info on Brigit

Itchen Banjo Enclosure. First Visit.

I finally found our first Itchen Banjo Enclosure experience! At this point in time, I was also studying for a degree in Archaeological Practice in Winchester College (now the University of Winchester). So I was very much marrying my archaeological knowledge with the earth-energy, through terminology and viewpoint. It was a good marriage!

Itchen Wood. 26 August 2005.

Chris and I went up to Itchen Wood today ‘under instruction’! Once again we bumped into Frank, the forest ranger who we met on the Solstice. Chris has bumped into him a couple of times! He told us how to get to the Banjo so we followed his guidance. It turned out to be very interesting.

Concentric antennae enclosures in Wales. (From James 1990)

Concentric antennae enclosures in Wales. (From James 1990)

As we came closer to the Banjo we noticed a shift in energy. It began to feel warm and loving and open, as if the body of the goddess were there and ‘allowing’. It was as if certain parts of the earth felt like this before they were defiled and ‘raped’ by more aggressive, territorial peoples, who believed that man was supreme. I have never really experienced this energy before and it felt like how we should be feeling, rather than feeling self-protective and scared. It was a very beautiful feeling.

When we found the Banjo, right in the middle of this beautiful energy, we discovered that it was like Banjos found in Wales, with a boundary ditch around the central circular ditched enclosure.  On our way up I was told to ‘find the anchor/access point’, so after tracking the outline of the enclosure with Chris’s GPS we dowsed to find the access point. We discovered that our body orientation influenced the results of direction from the rods.

Chris walked back and forth across the mouth of the Banjo, where the avenue joined the circle, and the golden serpent energy ran down the length of the avenue, west to east. He got a reading that there were three bands to this energy, red, gold, red. But when he walked across the mouth from north to south the direction of flow changed from west-east to east-west. We realised that our own body’s magnetic field was influencing the reading. We nearly had to align our bodies before we dowsed, much like aligning the magnetometer before doing a survey.itchen-map

We dowsed to find out where the anchor point was, fully expecting it to be in the centre of the Banjo but the rods were pointing down the avenue! We followed them down and found the anchor point, right in the middle of the opening of the Banjo avenue! This is the same as at Coldridge Banjo where the spring and winter vortexes are at the bottom of the avenue. It is also the same as the Banjo in Micheldever woods. The energy also flows around the inner ditch.

Chris dowsed to see whether the energy flowed up or down and it was down, from above. We had the impression to place a quartz crystal on the point. We poured water over the crystal, I don’t know why but we were just following impulses.  A tree had been growing on the point but it had been cut down. I wonder what purpose the tree had in growing on that spot as they often grow on energy points, distributing the energy to the surrounding trees and atmosphere.

I stood on the anchor point and Chris stood in front of me. I tuned in and I began to feel and see a copper ray move through me. It had a very solid and heavy vibration and it was quite hard work bringing it in. It went into the earth. Chris was told to let me do this and he was to support me energetically. He had a vision of fire torches outlining the inner banjo and was told that it corresponded to the fire festival. I felt a ‘plug’ moving from my lower Tan Tien into the earth. I expected it to go to the centre to be plugged in but it went to a deep layer somewhere in the middle. Then my guides suggested dowsing again when we were finished, as the energy will have changed direction.

banjoI began to receive impressions of Herne the hunter and Cerunnos. (They are one and the same apparently and are known as ‘the Horned One). It was significant that this masculine fertility symbol should be right in the middle of a Goddess place! Even the shape of the banjo is womb-like, like the long barrows and chambered tombs.  The opening is also east facing so the sun rises in the direction of the avenue and at midday it is over the banjo central. By the time the sun is gone down it has fed the golden serpent energy which then undulates throughout the landscape. The shape of this banjo is like a sperm fertilising an ovum. I assume that the ancient people knew this and this is why they were built and lived in.

When we felt that the energy work was done, Chris dowsed like our guides suggested. The energy was now coming up from the earth but the frequency had completely changed. He found a pattern he had never come across before; the rods were showing an alternating pulsing, like a gate system and he realised that it was doing what a Merkaba does, first the male tetrahedron, then the female, then the pulse! Later we were given an image of a Merkaba, golden-white hovering over the point.

Imagine this in 3-d. Merkaba with Balance Healing Symbol.

Imagine this in 3-d. Merkaba with Balance Healing Symbol.

It was fascinating, this had never happened before. Later we were also told that on the Spring equinox the portal opens and we were told to ‘bask in the rays of the sun’. We have to go there for the sunrise and do whatever needs doing then!

I was given the idea to dowse what energy pattern was there as a result of putting the crystal there and it created the shape of two infinity symbols, within a Merkaba field. The symbol was a joining of heaven and earth, male and female, a complete balance of energies in four directions.

And that was the work done for the day. That was the first of many energy workings at the Banjo, over the next few years. It was very educational, and it added to our storehouse of knowledge around how the ancients worked with the earth and how they maintained the fertility of the land through their knowledge of the balance of male and female, earth and sun.

Until the Celts came…



The Ruby Energy.

On the 23 September 2008, I ended up at the Iron Age Banjo enclosure in Itchen Woods, Winchester, where I have done quite a lot of work in the past. For something so small, which most people are unaware of, it is a powerful place. It was here that I first connected to the Mother who appears to me as a rather buxom, large woman with a white apron on. This guise tells me a lot about her.

She is the mother who provides nourishment and love. I have found through working with this settlement site that no site is separate but is more like an electronics circuit board where everything has its function and is connected in its own particular way. This particular Banjo enclosure has an energy point at the ‘gateway’ into the avenue. I did this particular work with my daughter Hana who has done some work with us in Ireland too. She is also a Gaia Method practitioner.
This is my journal entry for this day:

We got up to Itchen Wood and made our way to the Banjo enclosure, so-called because it looks like a banjo! There were mushrooms growing all over the tree trunk at the bottom energy point, which is at the entrance to the avenue that leads up into the circular enclosure. We made our way to the centre of the Banjo and stood there and we both tuned in. I told her how to make her connection to the sun and to the earth and then we both received what we needed.

I tuned in to the work I needed to do and I saw an energy vortex coming in and then moving into the earth. When the twin vortexes were in place, like two triangles point-to-point, I could see the seven chakras lined up in the centre of both. Then I was the flame in the centre, burning bright, and a line of fire went down to the gateway point with the mushrooms.

Then I became aware of the Mother again and this time she had a very large, facetted pink ruby with her. It was huge, about 18 inches high and 12 inches wide. She held it clasped in her arms. Then I saw her removing the cork from the top of it like a bottle. It seemed to contain liquid Ruby Light. She poured some of this liquid in a circle within the Banjo. It turned into pink flames and expanded until it was in the circular boundary ditch. Then it flowed down to the gateway point. Next thing I knew she was putting the cork back in and thrusting the ruby bottle into my arms! rubybottle

The next point was the gateway, so we made our way there. I stood and tuned in and Hana did the same. Initially, I saw Sekhmet and she placed a mask on my face. I couldn’t see what it was though and didn’t understand why she was putting it on me.

I saw myself place a large acupuncture needle in the gateway vortex and it had a ruby on top. I pushed it in as far as it would go. Its tip went into a pool of pink light and I waited for it to go somewhere, anywhere. But try as I might I couldn’t see anything. I expected it to go out, left or right, or in the opposite directions but it didn’t so I stopped expecting.

Then, right in front of me, a man began to appear. He felt really physical. He wore a large dark cloak and held a sphere in his hands. As he handed me the sphere it began to turn into a cornucopia then, in my hands, it became a large horn with a leather strap. I held it in my hands and then placed it around my shoulders so it hung on my back. Then a woman appeared behind the man and I saw the gateway open but the lines went into the sky, to Venus, and down into the earth, to the spider at the centre of the world, the earth’s core.

I watched as the spider began to spin the ruby energy which she received from the gateway and she spun it out to world, like her black and red lines. I wasn’t sure if she was creating new lines or spinning the pink line out into the existing lines.

Then the Lady asked me ‘Do you understand now?’

Yes I did. The ruby energy needed to be channelled into the earth lines.

Next, we went over to Micheldever woods and to the other Banjo. We stood at the gateway point, at the entrance to the avenue, and tuned in. Everything was very elemental, including a little hatted gnome-like creature who was watching me from between the branches of a tree. Then I saw huge pink energy coming from the ground as though it was the base of a goblet. The stem, also pink, rose into the sky like a tornado and then broadened out like the top of a Babysham glass. Then I remembered putting the Magdalene rose here last year. I found it interesting that again the energy seemed to rise from the ground up into the sky, into a layer above.

Next stop was the King’s Mound. I stood on top. There was a sword embedded in it which I removed. This left a dip. I saw myself taking the ruby bottle and putting a drop into the space. I waited to see what would happen. The pink started to overflow and ran along the ground, spreading out like a blanket until everything was covered with it.

drip-175551_1280Interestingly Hana saw a great white cow in the sky and her milk and blood were dripping onto the earth. I explained that this cow was a symbol of the Goddess who feeds us with her milk of love, like babies! The fact that she was also bleeding her blood onto the earth was different but I’ve seen this blood before whilst working on a Banjo in Wiltshire, where I was doing an archaeological survey of the site for University.

The blood flowed from Fosbury Hill-fort and filled the ditches as though it were bringing back its life-blood. Giving your blood is usually seen as a sacrificial act but the real meaning of ‘sacrifice’ is ‘to make sacred and whole’. It comes from the Latin ‘Sacer facere’. Not quite how we now understand it! Blood is life and over the years blood sacrifice became the norm but it was not supposed to be literal!

Yesterday I received a call from Eartha, saying that she had been doing some impromptu energy work in Corfe and that she found that she was a large diamond which received a beam of ruby light from a site which then spread out like a fan of ruby energy covering a large area of Corfe and Swanage. This was exciting as she had never done this before and knew nothing about the crystal I had received! The diamonds are not physical but we see them in our minds as physical. They are ‘installed’ as ‘abilities’ in our energy fields so that we can carry out this work.

That was a few years ago, and we have done a lot more work with the Ruby energy since then, but much of the work is in preparation for the Ruby energy to come back into the consciousness of humanity again, in the form of the Essence of the Divine Feminine, which we activate both in ourselves and in the earth. It is an ongoing exploration and adventure.

Serpents in the Landscape.

These are some examples that show how a serpent energy can be part of the landscape and have a very specific function within that landscape. There is always a beginning and an end and often a very important ‘middle’, although these particular energies are not the huge, undulating Serpents which people often call Leylines, that traverse the entire country. Those are like rivers of energy, meridians, flowing through and revitalising the entire physical landscape and are treated differently. This is about their shorter ‘cousins’, which have a very different reason for being, although they can be part of the same energy site. Everything is inter-linked.


This is from a journal entry in 2008:

After another visit to the ‘Interdimensional Gateway’ on the Stonehenge Cursus, I was aware of a giant serpent lying along the length of the Cursus itself, but beneath the ground. Its open mouth was at the eastern end, where the Long-barrow once stood, and its tail was at the Bronze-Age barrow at the other end. The Gateway was on the middle of its body, and this was where initiations into the Goddess priesthood were carried out.

 After receiving guidance from an Ancient Egyptian woman we later drove to Avebury in the hope of finding Hackpen hill. But we were drawn to the Sanctuary instead! First, we stopped off for a cuppa, as we usually do, in the café in Avebury but I began to feel slightly ill. The energy in the stone circle was ‘doing’ something, but I didn’t know what!

avebury-sanctuaryAfter our ‘attuning to the energies’ cup of tea, we drove up to the Sanctuary, and had to wait until a couple of visitors had left before we went inside. We walked anti-clockwise around the outer circle while we waited. When they were gone I felt I needed to be at the gateway, the entrance to the circle from the avenue. I stood there and tuned in and immediately began to call in the Lords of Light. I also called in the Ruby ray and asked the Lords of Light to fill the land with the ruby energy of the mother so that the lines could be filled with her, love, abundance, and joy.

 Then I saw a huge serpent under the ground, its huge head at the opening of the circle and its body lying beneath the length of the avenue, all the way to the Adam and Eve Stones. He raised his head, ripping the earth open as he did so. In his mouth, he held a large faceted diamond with his teeth. I took out the ruby bottle, an energetic ruby essence from Itchen woods, and poured some of it into the top of the diamond until it turned pink. Then the serpent closed its mouth, still holding the ruby diamond in it. He pulled his head back down and the ground closed over. The serpent then was still, but he held the ruby diamond in his mouth.aveburystukeley

This is similar to what happened at Flowerdown Barrow in Winchester, so obviously, the crystal in the mouth of the dragon or serpent is what holds the frequency of light that then fills the serpent/dragon. The ruby energy is the energy of the Divine Feminine, the heart and the layer of the Mother.

As I was writing this I had a sudden vision, that in the very distant past, before the circle and avenue were built, the people of the community would stand where the stones now are. An entire serpent network made up of people who would anchor the energies of the serpent in the landscape. The stones were later placed there as a way of ‘holding’ the serpent in place. It would have taken a few years of such ritual to anchor these communal energies and human sacrifice was necessary so that the consciousness of the individual became the stones. That soul was then seen as the guardian of the part of the circle they had been sacrificed in. They were the intermediary between the world of the other dimensions and their own human world.avebury-210

I remember once too, after doing a Magnified Healing session, getting into bed to sleep and waking suddenly as a sword split my skull in two! Then I was a standing stone but my consciousness was now in the stone.  It felt like a past-life memory and I wondered if I would ever find ‘my’ stone. This was the first time that I understood why they sacrificed people at the foundation of a Stone Circle.

Initiations were held at Avebury too, and I know that Avebury is like a giant clock and that it sucks in old, obsolete energies from the surrounding countryside, like a snake it devours it. When I first experienced that, I had gone to Avebury with Katherine, an archaeology colleague and we had gone for a cuppa, of course! As I sat at the table I had a vision of the stone circle acting like a giant black-hole, sucking in everything, like a giant hoover. It was ‘de-materialising’ everything man-made. It had made me feel very dizzy and nauseous at the time!

I realised then that it kept the environment clean of negative human thinking and emotional build-up. It kept the balance of male and female energies in the landscape and the stone avenues and circles maintained that balance and marked out the Serpent’s path. A few years ago I found that the Durrington Walls Henge had fulfilled the same function, but was no longer active.

My daughter Elizabeth had a dream while we were in Scotland, that she was pulling the tail of a giant serpent whose head was stuck in the gate. The gate was in Portsmouth. The tail was in Winchester. Obviously, whatever serpent this was, it was blocked at the port/mouth. I did try to find it but couldn’t.b0001451

Thinking of this formation also reminds me of the stone rows in Dartmoor with the cist burials in the centre. Those are also lines of energy with a specific purpose and all of them have something of significance in the beginning, middle, and end. They all feel like a circuit of some sort, but the middle is the most important part. On the stone rows with cist burials, there is a vortex of energy over the cist, possibly created by the ritual of the ceremony of burial, where the person buried became the guardian energy of that Line. Human burials were often used in this way, in all countries around the world, especially if that person had built up an energetic ‘charge’ over a lifetime of ritual and energy. The gold and stone artefacts buried with them acted as anchors for those energies too.

Our ancestors understood the energetic workings of the earth, and they understood that we needed to be in balance to help keep the earth in balance; lessons we are re:learning now. However, nowadays we know that we only need to live near a sacred site in order to work with it, we no longer need to be sacrificed for the benefit of the whole, not physically anyway…

 All of these photos, except for the last one, have been taken from the internet.

Flowerdown Barrow, Littleton, Winchester.

5 March 2006.

flowerdown-hengebarrow3Today we went to the barrow at Littleton. Again I had meant to go there for years! It was a lovely surprise. Not only was there a barrow but also a ‘Henge Barrow’ as my guides call them. A very large ditched barrow (bowl barrow).  Apparently, it had originally been part of a barrow cemetery but this was all that was left. It was lovely and yet felt like we were in another world.

We stood in the centre and tuned in. Again I heard someone ask “What do you desire?” I stated my intention to learn how do reactivate the barrow in order to serve humanity. I saw the barrow as it once had been, a white barrow within a white ditch. It was gleaming. It was maintained in its whiteness, as it signified a sacred place.

We were told that this place, in the past, had been a major site of Sacred significance and that this barrow ‘fed many others in the surrounding landscape. It had been a gathering place for local communities and would have been visible for miles around. It had been one of the most important places in the area.

 As we stood, receiving this information, a white portal opened, which we had to step through in order to communicate with the Elders. We both stepped through and almost immediately a tall Elder in a white cloak appeared. He looked very majestic and his fur-trimmed hood was large. He looked, in dress, like the woman who had appeared at Sidbury Hill when we reactivated that. This signifies a Winter/Spring energy.

He was very tall and strode up to us holding his staff in front of him; very imposing. He said nothing but turned around and gestured to us to follow him out of the circle. We followed him and then stood on the outside looking in. He told me that the red dragon was sleeping underneath and had been for a very long tired_dragonme. Now he wanted us to awaken it. I stood and watched the centre of the barrow and tuned into the sleeping red dragon.

I could see it coiled up, asleep and I began to call to it. “Awaken from your slumber now and fill the earth with life-giving energy once again. Spread your abundance into the surrounding earth and bring it to fertility. Awaken dragon.” This stuff is getting very poetic!

I saw the dragon begin to move and awaken and I continued to call to it. Slowly it uncoiled and moved its huge head towards the centre of the barrow. It continued moving, facing its snout towards the centre until it touched the air above the barrow. I then saw a hand holding a white crystal sphere and it placed it into the red dragon’s open mouth. Then a shaft of sunlight came from the sun and filled the crystal sphere with sunlight. This then travelled through the dragon, filling her with golden light which then spread out over the landscape. We were told then that we needed to do no more today. That was all that was needed.

We wandered about for a while after that and went into the small woods behind the barrow. It felt awful, like death. It was absolutely freezing. It had felt warm at the barrow and this was the complete opposite. It didn’t feel like the right time to do anything here and I had the feeling that when the barrow powered up that this energy might shift. We were told to go back at a later date to work with the elementals there.

(We ended up going back there to do a soul-retrieval with a group of people who were ‘stuck’ there and had been, since some time in the Medieval period.)

During this time, I was learning about all of this and I didn’t realise that other aspects of ‘me’ were actually doing what they had been trained to do, in life-times past. I would hear myself saying things and doing things, in my mind, but I was as much a witness to that those parts of myself as a tree is to its surroundings. I learned to trust it and it taught me so much!


Stonehenge Cursus and Barrows. Prt. 2

barrows(March 2006)

After the discovery of the Initiatic-gateway (part 1) we went to the King Barrows, which lie close to the eastern end of the Cursus. We walked up the first one and tuned in. Immediately I heard “What do you desire?” This was becoming a regular feature!

I stated that I wished to understand how barrows worked so that we could bring back the workings of them for the benefit of humanity.

A few minutes later I heard “Think of a playing field. Each team member has its place and function on the pitch. If one player is not in his proper position then the game is weakened. If not all the players are present in their position, ready to ‘play’ the ball then there is a greater chance that the game will not be won. It needs a team effort, each player playing their part in their own position.”

When I heard this I assumed that they were talking about people. If someone didn’t come and play their part then the next person whose job it was to insert the next piece of the matrix would not be able to do it. It was only after we had worked on all the barrows there that I realised that they were talking about the barrows themselves!

The New King Barrows consists of a row of 7 large burial mounds aligned N/S that can be seen from the stone circle to the east at the top of a

Barrow 1. We stood on the barrow and I waited for instructions. I saw an energy place an azurite crystal deep beneath the barrow. (At this point in my development I didn’t realise that I was the one doing this!). Then I saw a hand appear holding a fire stone. It was literally a stone which had flames coming out of it. It was important that I witnessed this even though I had no idea why, until later! They placed this fire stone beside the other one and as they adjusted to each other the fire stone suddenly ‘woke up’ the barrow by filling it with a brilliant white light.  It shone like a beacon and I guessed this was its function. However, the fire stone was important.

Barrow 2. As we walked up the second barrow it felt awful. It was completely out of balance. We tuned into it and saw the merkaba field around it. The central axis was off to the left instead of upright. It needed to be realigned. I attuned my own merkaba and willed it to bring the barrow’s energy-field back into present alignment. It slowly began to follow the alignment I was willing it to place itself into. Chris was also doing the realignment in the way his guides were telling him to. When it ‘clicked’ into place suddenly, with a boom,  blue energy lines shot out in four directions, north, south, east and west. One of them was aligned with Stonehenge. The power in the lines became stronger and stronger, like a battery being recharged. The two lines crossed over beneath this barrow. It reminded me of the barrows at Badbury rings which had done the same.merkaba_i_strumien_energii_polaczenie_big

Barrow 3.  This barrow was initially quite difficult to tune into as it was very subtle. Tuning in deeper we discovered that this barrow’s function was to maintain stability between the others as the N/S energy line runs beneath all of them. On returning to this barrow the ‘Lady’ from Micheldever Banjo enclosure returned and placed a sword on the ground in front of me. I took it up and noticed I had chains around my feet so I used the sword to cut them away.

Barrow 4. This barrow was lower and wider than the other three and, again, it felt different. This one felt deeper and was quietly humming. It was a more subtle feeling of power than the first two. Deeper and throbbing. I realised that it was a Mother site when my umbilical cord started to unfurl and move deep below the barrow where it ‘fed’ it the mother energy, just like at Carn Euny. I stayed in position until the cord retracted and coiled up again in my belly. The barrow began to power up and hummed like a generator. This was its function, to act as a generator of the female frequency of energy. Like a mother it fed the others.aerial

Barrow 5.  This was an odd one. As I stood on it I felt like a guard on duty.  This barrow’s ‘job’ was to ‘watch’ the flows of energy moving between all the barrows, making sure that the right frequency was moving along the energy lines. If the  energy alternated then this barrow’s function was to regulate it and make sure it was adjusted to do the job properly. This made more sense when we had finished the next one.

Barrow 6.  This barrow was smaller than the others. It was becoming more difficult to tune in as we had been working psychically for a few hours now and had a lot of information, both energetic and mental, hanging about. But this barrow turned out to be an aerial, picking up information and energies from the cosmos. It could pick up changes in the earth’s magnetic field and in the atmosphere. It was like a TV aerial, picking up transmissions of energy and relaying them to the other barrows. This is why the Guard barrow might need to adjust the flow! All the cosmic energies that were picked up needed to go through the Guard barrow before they could go to the others.

Barrow 7.  This barrow no longer exists and we didn’t know there were seven until I did the research for this. It might be worth going back and seeing if we can pick it up or whether it is completely gone. I wonder how it being missing effects the other barrows?

motherboardWe wandered back up to the first barrow and stood on there for a few minutes. I had another visit from the Elder who handed me a bow but before he put it into my hands he rotated it in an arc to create a circle, clockwise to him, anticlockwise to me. He then placed it into my hands with the bow forming a crescent, like on Artemis’s forehead. Then he gave me arrows which I placed on my back and he mentioned the Amesbury Archer like it was a clue. There is obviously more significance to the Archer at Stonehenge than meets the eye. It would be interesting to find out.

Working with sacred sites we discovered that they are like elements on a giant Mother Board, each bit connecting to another, as if the earth was a huge computer! Looking at it this way, it was easy to see how all the parts worked together! The fact that Chris does electrical engineering meant that he could explain what I was seeing. Otherwise it would have made absolutely no sense at all!

But we did discover that this giant network has been maintained for centuries. It reminds me of those Sci Fi movies, where a new planet is discovered, ony to find that it was once inhabited by a race of beings who had been wiped out, but who had left their advanced technology and computers behind so that those who re-discovered it could know its history and bring it back to life. I guess that’s us, all of us who are re-learning how to do this, and it is the spirit of our ancestors who are teaching us, like the hologram of the last remaining inhabitant of the dead planet…


Stonehenge Cursus and Barrows. Prt. 1

On Sat 4th March 2006 we (Chris Bishop and I)had the idea to go to Salisbury Plain. We drove up and I began to feel really tired  and thought that we’d only stay out for a while. It was freezing but I really wanted to experience the Cursus so we headed to that.  We walked around for a bit and it was much wider than I expected. I wasn’t really sure what to do but I decided to start walking east along the Cursus.




When I had walked for a few minutes I suddenly ‘tapped into’ a memory. I ‘saw’ women dressed in white garments and a cord belt tied around their waists. I heard ‘Ceres/Demeter’. The women were priestesses and they were processing along the Cursus during a ceremonial walk. Male priests walked, flanking them on the outside. The women seemed to be carrying flowers and I could see them stopping just before they reached the fence (the fence wasn’t there in the vision!). They were stopping at a spring which seemed to emerge from the ground. It created a boggy place around it for quite some distance. When they stopped at the spring they left an offering there to honour the Mother.

We stopped at this point and decided to investigate some very alluring barrows in the woods. When we reached them we tuned in and, again, received Greek information. This place was seen as the equivalent to ‘Mount Olympus’, the home of the gods. I also heard ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ but wasn’t sure what it meant. Chris suggested that it was connected to initiatory journeys.  The energy line ran directly to the Cursus where it joined it.

We walked back down and went to the spot where we felt the spring had been. It was very odd. We walked down the laneway and the sun was shining. We felt warm, but as soon as we climbed over the stile and onto the Cursus it was freezing. The closer we got to the bank of the Cursus the stronger the wind became.  We couldn’t quite fathom what was going on. Without the weather changing, certain parts of the area were either freezing cold or quite warm.  I was instructed to pour the Glastonbury Well water from the red spring, that we had brought with us, around the area in a small circle.


Stonehenge Cursus.


When we had done this, we stopped and tuned in to find out what was going on, expecting something unpleasant. Instead, it was amazing.

Further east along the Cursus was a huge energetic gate. It was holographic and nearly the size of a cathedral. There was a link here with Glastonbury abbey. The gateway was an ‘inter-dimensional gateway’ I was told, a star-gate (although I didn’t know what that meant).

It was made up of shapes within shapes. I could make out three. One was a square with a circle and a Vesica Piscis. It was incredibly beautiful. Each shape of the hologram was a different colour, soft and translucent. We decided to go over to the gateway and investigate further.


Vesica Piscis


We crossed the trackway and the stile into the other side again. We walked slowly until we reached the outer layer of the gateway. We stopped and prepared to move through this portal to see what would happen. The first layer was about 8 feet deep and we walked slowly until we reached the second layer. As we walked through it I was told that this was an initiatic gateway to the Mysteries.

Each holographic shape representing a frequency of energy and initiation, a portal. As the candidate moved through the levels of initiation she would be able to pass through each frequency level until she reached the Inner Mysteries.

We moved through the first level easily and then the second. We then moved towards the third but could not. In front of us was an invisible wall of energy, the entrance to the third level, but we could not pass through it. It was so solid and yet, to anyone else, not even there. I asked for information on the third level and how we might pass through it. We had to ask the Lord of Light. I’d never met a Lord before! When I asked how we might pass through the third level the Lord replied:triangleorbmatrix

“You need to use the key of Melchizadek.”

“Do I possess this key?” I asked.

“No, but you can find it” he replied

“How will I know when I have found it?”

“Because you will be impervious to pain.”  He meant emotional pain.

“Where can I find the key?” I asked.

“You will find it deep in your heart,” he answered. “You’ll know it when you’ve found it.  You can return when you have the key.”

“Lord, thank you. May I ask a blessing?”  After a minute, I felt a sudden upsurge of energy washing over me and I felt more enlivened.

After a minute, I felt a sudden upsurge of energy washing over me and I felt more enlivened, with enough energy to continue the day.

(You have to remember that all of this goes on in our heads. We see clairvoyantly, hear clairaudiently and feel clairsentiently. It is like being in another dimension, but one just as real as our ‘normal’one. I learned to trust this information while working with other people as they also received same impressions as I did.)

 Art by

Ballowall Barrow, Cornwall.

13 January 2006.

crn_554_ballowall_chambered_cairn_cornish_coastDuring a trip to Penzance, Chris and I, went to the Ballowall Barrow (Carn Gloose) in Cornwall. It was unlike any barrow I had ever seen.

It was extremely windy, and wet, but inside the barrow was more sheltered. I went right inside to the inner circle and the barrow became steeped in a vivid orange colour. Then a bronze age man who looked like Oetzi appeared and  began to dig in the corner of the chamber. He dug up a bronze, weatherworn medallion and placed it around my neck, the disc lying at my heart. When he had placed it around my neck he tapped it and told me that it was an ‘energy-direction medallion’ and would help me both to align my own energy field at certain sites and align the sites.

He continued to dig and then took out of the ground a small metal box. Out of this box, he took a string of amber beads which became a golden lunula. He tied it around my neck with a leather thong. He said that this was to do with the lunar phases affecting the activations of sacred sites on the grid. The amber aspect was to do with Time, and being able to move through Time layers and the cycles of the year. blessington-lunula-the-british-museum

As I continued to tune in I was told to use my staff (didn’t even know I had one!). I saw it in my right hand. I was instructed to bang it on the ground three times and on the third strike I left it there. A golden serpent began to move up the shaft and I felt the golden spiral of the site power up. Then in front of me appeared a Being in a long, dark purple robe and tall collar. He had a light-sphere head-dress on. He placed a gold band around my head and it emitted a golden light which moved outwards like a gold plane or layer. (This gave me the ability to be able to perceive upper layers in

A golden serpent began to move up the shaft and I felt the golden spiral of the site power up. Then in front of me appeared a Being in a long, dark purple robe and tall collar. He had a light-sphere head-dress on. He placed a gold band around my head and it emitted a golden light which moved outwards like a gold plane or layer. (This gave me the ability to be able to perceive upper layers in the earth’s energy-field.) Then I was holding my flute/pipe (One of the gifts of the Elemental Beings) and getting my finger positions ready. When I had them right I played a tune. The notes I played created a frequency of sound which the golden spiral energy followed, as though my tune was opening up an energetic pathway for the energy to follow. Then I saw a white lady open up and step through a diamond-shaped doorway. This meant that she was stepping through from another plane of elemental existence.

warriorShe stood around the inside edge of the wall. Then I saw a Warrior (Celtic?) step in and he took his place at the wall. It felt like all of these entities had been part of the belief systems of the place/time. Suddenly the white lady and the warrior stepped inside me to become part of me. This made me feel very emotional and tearful and I was glad I was on my own.

The Oetzi man, who was probably a Neolithic/Bronze Age shaman, was there too but not to be absorbed. He had been there to show me the way.

During these episodes, my guides had been teaching me to work with these energies of the past and of nature. Many of the gifts I received were for further work later on and I was using the gifts of previous site-works on sites I  worked with during this time too, so it was of dual purpose.

The personality energies I absorbed were for very specific site-work to come, but I didn’t understand for quite some time. The  warrior was both a protector and my strength, for work I did in Ireland a year later. The Lady was my guide in the elemental realms.

The gifts I was given, I can now share as part of an attunement process, and that is the main reason I was given them in this way. So that I could learn how to use them and understand the energy purpose behind them. Now, when I pass then on, I understand what they are for because I have seen if for myself and had the opportunity to practice using them.

One of the important things about these gifts is that they are held in the energy-field and only ‘appear’ in your ‘vision’ if they need to be used. Some, like pieces of jewellery, or in this case the medallion and Lunula, are never used like tools, or instruments, but are added to the energies of your field and run like computer software in the background. They allow you to access the levels of energy you need to access without having to think about the ‘how’ of it!

For a very interesting video of this barrow watch this video.

Ballowall Barrow (Cornish: Krug Karrekloos)[1] is a prehistoric funerary cairn (chambered tomb) which Ashbee (1982) and Hencken (1902–81) [2] state contains several phases of use from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age. It is situated on the cliff top at Ballowall Common, near St Just in Cornwall, England, UK. It is also known as Carn Gluze Barrow.