Itchen Banjo Enclosure. First Visit.

I finally found our first Itchen Banjo Enclosure experience! At this point in time, I was also studying for a degree in Archaeological Practice in Winchester College (now the University of Winchester). So I was very much marrying my archaeological knowledge with the earth-energy, through terminology and viewpoint. It was a good marriage!

Itchen Wood. 26 August 2005.

Chris and I went up to Itchen Wood today ‘under instruction’! Once again we bumped into Frank, the forest ranger who we met on the Solstice. Chris has bumped into him a couple of times! He told us how to get to the Banjo so we followed his guidance. It turned out to be very interesting.

Concentric antennae enclosures in Wales. (From James 1990)

Concentric antennae enclosures in Wales. (From James 1990)

As we came closer to the Banjo we noticed a shift in energy. It began to feel warm and loving and open, as if the body of the goddess were there and ‘allowing’. It was as if certain parts of the earth felt like this before they were defiled and ‘raped’ by more aggressive, territorial peoples, who believed that man was supreme. I have never really experienced this energy before and it felt like how we should be feeling, rather than feeling self-protective and scared. It was a very beautiful feeling.

When we found the Banjo, right in the middle of this beautiful energy, we discovered that it was like Banjos found in Wales, with a boundary ditch around the central circular ditched enclosure.  On our way up I was told to ‘find the anchor/access point’, so after tracking the outline of the enclosure with Chris’s GPS we dowsed to find the access point. We discovered that our body orientation influenced the results of direction from the rods.

Chris walked back and forth across the mouth of the Banjo, where the avenue joined the circle, and the golden serpent energy ran down the length of the avenue, west to east. He got a reading that there were three bands to this energy, red, gold, red. But when he walked across the mouth from north to south the direction of flow changed from west-east to east-west. We realised that our own body’s magnetic field was influencing the reading. We nearly had to align our bodies before we dowsed, much like aligning the magnetometer before doing a survey.itchen-map

We dowsed to find out where the anchor point was, fully expecting it to be in the centre of the Banjo but the rods were pointing down the avenue! We followed them down and found the anchor point, right in the middle of the opening of the Banjo avenue! This is the same as at Coldridge Banjo where the spring and winter vortexes are at the bottom of the avenue. It is also the same as the Banjo in Micheldever woods. The energy also flows around the inner ditch.

Chris dowsed to see whether the energy flowed up or down and it was down, from above. We had the impression to place a quartz crystal on the point. We poured water over the crystal, I don’t know why but we were just following impulses.  A tree had been growing on the point but it had been cut down. I wonder what purpose the tree had in growing on that spot as they often grow on energy points, distributing the energy to the surrounding trees and atmosphere.

I stood on the anchor point and Chris stood in front of me. I tuned in and I began to feel and see a copper ray move through me. It had a very solid and heavy vibration and it was quite hard work bringing it in. It went into the earth. Chris was told to let me do this and he was to support me energetically. He had a vision of fire torches outlining the inner banjo and was told that it corresponded to the fire festival. I felt a ‘plug’ moving from my lower Tan Tien into the earth. I expected it to go to the centre to be plugged in but it went to a deep layer somewhere in the middle. Then my guides suggested dowsing again when we were finished, as the energy will have changed direction.

banjoI began to receive impressions of Herne the hunter and Cerunnos. (They are one and the same apparently and are known as ‘the Horned One). It was significant that this masculine fertility symbol should be right in the middle of a Goddess place! Even the shape of the banjo is womb-like, like the long barrows and chambered tombs.  The opening is also east facing so the sun rises in the direction of the avenue and at midday it is over the banjo central. By the time the sun is gone down it has fed the golden serpent energy which then undulates throughout the landscape. The shape of this banjo is like a sperm fertilising an ovum. I assume that the ancient people knew this and this is why they were built and lived in.

When we felt that the energy work was done, Chris dowsed like our guides suggested. The energy was now coming up from the earth but the frequency had completely changed. He found a pattern he had never come across before; the rods were showing an alternating pulsing, like a gate system and he realised that it was doing what a Merkaba does, first the male tetrahedron, then the female, then the pulse! Later we were given an image of a Merkaba, golden-white hovering over the point.

Imagine this in 3-d. Merkaba with Balance Healing Symbol.

Imagine this in 3-d. Merkaba with Balance Healing Symbol.

It was fascinating, this had never happened before. Later we were also told that on the Spring equinox the portal opens and we were told to ‘bask in the rays of the sun’. We have to go there for the sunrise and do whatever needs doing then!

I was given the idea to dowse what energy pattern was there as a result of putting the crystal there and it created the shape of two infinity symbols, within a Merkaba field. The symbol was a joining of heaven and earth, male and female, a complete balance of energies in four directions.

And that was the work done for the day. That was the first of many energy workings at the Banjo, over the next few years. It was very educational, and it added to our storehouse of knowledge around how the ancients worked with the earth and how they maintained the fertility of the land through their knowledge of the balance of male and female, earth and sun.

Until the Celts came…



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