The Ruby Energy.

On the 23 September 2008, I ended up at the Iron Age Banjo enclosure in Itchen Woods, Winchester, where I have done quite a lot of work in the past. For something so small, which most people are unaware of, it is a powerful place. It was here that I first connected to the Mother who appears to me as a rather buxom, large woman with a white apron on. This guise tells me a lot about her.

She is the mother who provides nourishment and love. I have found through working with this settlement site that no site is separate but is more like an electronics circuit board where everything has its function and is connected in its own particular way. This particular Banjo enclosure has an energy point at the ‘gateway’ into the avenue. I did this particular work with my daughter Hana who has done some work with us in Ireland too. She is also a Gaia Method practitioner.
This is my journal entry for this day:

We got up to Itchen Wood and made our way to the Banjo enclosure, so-called because it looks like a banjo! There were mushrooms growing all over the tree trunk at the bottom energy point, which is at the entrance to the avenue that leads up into the circular enclosure. We made our way to the centre of the Banjo and stood there and we both tuned in. I told her how to make her connection to the sun and to the earth and then we both received what we needed.

I tuned in to the work I needed to do and I saw an energy vortex coming in and then moving into the earth. When the twin vortexes were in place, like two triangles point-to-point, I could see the seven chakras lined up in the centre of both. Then I was the flame in the centre, burning bright, and a line of fire went down to the gateway point with the mushrooms.

Then I became aware of the Mother again and this time she had a very large, facetted pink ruby with her. It was huge, about 18 inches high and 12 inches wide. She held it clasped in her arms. Then I saw her removing the cork from the top of it like a bottle. It seemed to contain liquid Ruby Light. She poured some of this liquid in a circle within the Banjo. It turned into pink flames and expanded until it was in the circular boundary ditch. Then it flowed down to the gateway point. Next thing I knew she was putting the cork back in and thrusting the ruby bottle into my arms! rubybottle

The next point was the gateway, so we made our way there. I stood and tuned in and Hana did the same. Initially, I saw Sekhmet and she placed a mask on my face. I couldn’t see what it was though and didn’t understand why she was putting it on me.

I saw myself place a large acupuncture needle in the gateway vortex and it had a ruby on top. I pushed it in as far as it would go. Its tip went into a pool of pink light and I waited for it to go somewhere, anywhere. But try as I might I couldn’t see anything. I expected it to go out, left or right, or in the opposite directions but it didn’t so I stopped expecting.

Then, right in front of me, a man began to appear. He felt really physical. He wore a large dark cloak and held a sphere in his hands. As he handed me the sphere it began to turn into a cornucopia then, in my hands, it became a large horn with a leather strap. I held it in my hands and then placed it around my shoulders so it hung on my back. Then a woman appeared behind the man and I saw the gateway open but the lines went into the sky, to Venus, and down into the earth, to the spider at the centre of the world, the earth’s core.

I watched as the spider began to spin the ruby energy which she received from the gateway and she spun it out to world, like her black and red lines. I wasn’t sure if she was creating new lines or spinning the pink line out into the existing lines.

Then the Lady asked me ‘Do you understand now?’

Yes I did. The ruby energy needed to be channelled into the earth lines.

Next, we went over to Micheldever woods and to the other Banjo. We stood at the gateway point, at the entrance to the avenue, and tuned in. Everything was very elemental, including a little hatted gnome-like creature who was watching me from between the branches of a tree. Then I saw huge pink energy coming from the ground as though it was the base of a goblet. The stem, also pink, rose into the sky like a tornado and then broadened out like the top of a Babysham glass. Then I remembered putting the Magdalene rose here last year. I found it interesting that again the energy seemed to rise from the ground up into the sky, into a layer above.

Next stop was the King’s Mound. I stood on top. There was a sword embedded in it which I removed. This left a dip. I saw myself taking the ruby bottle and putting a drop into the space. I waited to see what would happen. The pink started to overflow and ran along the ground, spreading out like a blanket until everything was covered with it.

drip-175551_1280Interestingly Hana saw a great white cow in the sky and her milk and blood were dripping onto the earth. I explained that this cow was a symbol of the Goddess who feeds us with her milk of love, like babies! The fact that she was also bleeding her blood onto the earth was different but I’ve seen this blood before whilst working on a Banjo in Wiltshire, where I was doing an archaeological survey of the site for University.

The blood flowed from Fosbury Hill-fort and filled the ditches as though it were bringing back its life-blood. Giving your blood is usually seen as a sacrificial act but the real meaning of ‘sacrifice’ is ‘to make sacred and whole’. It comes from the Latin ‘Sacer facere’. Not quite how we now understand it! Blood is life and over the years blood sacrifice became the norm but it was not supposed to be literal!

Yesterday I received a call from Eartha, saying that she had been doing some impromptu energy work in Corfe and that she found that she was a large diamond which received a beam of ruby light from a site which then spread out like a fan of ruby energy covering a large area of Corfe and Swanage. This was exciting as she had never done this before and knew nothing about the crystal I had received! The diamonds are not physical but we see them in our minds as physical. They are ‘installed’ as ‘abilities’ in our energy fields so that we can carry out this work.

That was a few years ago, and we have done a lot more work with the Ruby energy since then, but much of the work is in preparation for the Ruby energy to come back into the consciousness of humanity again, in the form of the Essence of the Divine Feminine, which we activate both in ourselves and in the earth. It is an ongoing exploration and adventure.

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