Serpents in the Landscape.

These are some examples that show how a serpent energy can be part of the landscape and have a very specific function within that landscape. There is always a beginning and an end and often a very important ‘middle’, although these particular energies are not the huge, undulating Serpents which people often call Leylines, that traverse the entire country. Those are like rivers of energy, meridians, flowing through and revitalising the entire physical landscape and are treated differently. This is about their shorter ‘cousins’, which have a very different reason for being, although they can be part of the same energy site. Everything is inter-linked.


This is from a journal entry in 2008:

After another visit to the ‘Interdimensional Gateway’ on the Stonehenge Cursus, I was aware of a giant serpent lying along the length of the Cursus itself, but beneath the ground. Its open mouth was at the eastern end, where the Long-barrow once stood, and its tail was at the Bronze-Age barrow at the other end. The Gateway was on the middle of its body, and this was where initiations into the Goddess priesthood were carried out.

 After receiving guidance from an Ancient Egyptian woman we later drove to Avebury in the hope of finding Hackpen hill. But we were drawn to the Sanctuary instead! First, we stopped off for a cuppa, as we usually do, in the café in Avebury but I began to feel slightly ill. The energy in the stone circle was ‘doing’ something, but I didn’t know what!

avebury-sanctuaryAfter our ‘attuning to the energies’ cup of tea, we drove up to the Sanctuary, and had to wait until a couple of visitors had left before we went inside. We walked anti-clockwise around the outer circle while we waited. When they were gone I felt I needed to be at the gateway, the entrance to the circle from the avenue. I stood there and tuned in and immediately began to call in the Lords of Light. I also called in the Ruby ray and asked the Lords of Light to fill the land with the ruby energy of the mother so that the lines could be filled with her, love, abundance, and joy.

 Then I saw a huge serpent under the ground, its huge head at the opening of the circle and its body lying beneath the length of the avenue, all the way to the Adam and Eve Stones. He raised his head, ripping the earth open as he did so. In his mouth, he held a large faceted diamond with his teeth. I took out the ruby bottle, an energetic ruby essence from Itchen woods, and poured some of it into the top of the diamond until it turned pink. Then the serpent closed its mouth, still holding the ruby diamond in it. He pulled his head back down and the ground closed over. The serpent then was still, but he held the ruby diamond in his mouth.aveburystukeley

This is similar to what happened at Flowerdown Barrow in Winchester, so obviously, the crystal in the mouth of the dragon or serpent is what holds the frequency of light that then fills the serpent/dragon. The ruby energy is the energy of the Divine Feminine, the heart and the layer of the Mother.

As I was writing this I had a sudden vision, that in the very distant past, before the circle and avenue were built, the people of the community would stand where the stones now are. An entire serpent network made up of people who would anchor the energies of the serpent in the landscape. The stones were later placed there as a way of ‘holding’ the serpent in place. It would have taken a few years of such ritual to anchor these communal energies and human sacrifice was necessary so that the consciousness of the individual became the stones. That soul was then seen as the guardian of the part of the circle they had been sacrificed in. They were the intermediary between the world of the other dimensions and their own human world.avebury-210

I remember once too, after doing a Magnified Healing session, getting into bed to sleep and waking suddenly as a sword split my skull in two! Then I was a standing stone but my consciousness was now in the stone.  It felt like a past-life memory and I wondered if I would ever find ‘my’ stone. This was the first time that I understood why they sacrificed people at the foundation of a Stone Circle.

Initiations were held at Avebury too, and I know that Avebury is like a giant clock and that it sucks in old, obsolete energies from the surrounding countryside, like a snake it devours it. When I first experienced that, I had gone to Avebury with Katherine, an archaeology colleague and we had gone for a cuppa, of course! As I sat at the table I had a vision of the stone circle acting like a giant black-hole, sucking in everything, like a giant hoover. It was ‘de-materialising’ everything man-made. It had made me feel very dizzy and nauseous at the time!

I realised then that it kept the environment clean of negative human thinking and emotional build-up. It kept the balance of male and female energies in the landscape and the stone avenues and circles maintained that balance and marked out the Serpent’s path. A few years ago I found that the Durrington Walls Henge had fulfilled the same function, but was no longer active.

My daughter Elizabeth had a dream while we were in Scotland, that she was pulling the tail of a giant serpent whose head was stuck in the gate. The gate was in Portsmouth. The tail was in Winchester. Obviously, whatever serpent this was, it was blocked at the port/mouth. I did try to find it but couldn’t.b0001451

Thinking of this formation also reminds me of the stone rows in Dartmoor with the cist burials in the centre. Those are also lines of energy with a specific purpose and all of them have something of significance in the beginning, middle, and end. They all feel like a circuit of some sort, but the middle is the most important part. On the stone rows with cist burials, there is a vortex of energy over the cist, possibly created by the ritual of the ceremony of burial, where the person buried became the guardian energy of that Line. Human burials were often used in this way, in all countries around the world, especially if that person had built up an energetic ‘charge’ over a lifetime of ritual and energy. The gold and stone artefacts buried with them acted as anchors for those energies too.

Our ancestors understood the energetic workings of the earth, and they understood that we needed to be in balance to help keep the earth in balance; lessons we are re:learning now. However, nowadays we know that we only need to live near a sacred site in order to work with it, we no longer need to be sacrificed for the benefit of the whole, not physically anyway…

 All of these photos, except for the last one, have been taken from the internet.

2 thoughts on “Serpents in the Landscape.

  1. Hi David, I’m still in Egypt at the moment, but I am planning to come to Ireland over the next couple of years. Thinking of going to Donegal. I will add your site to the links though. I love it!!!

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