Golden Dragon Energies.

27 December 2006.

volcano-dragonAs I lay in bed, aware of my breathing, I suddenly felt like a dragon breathing. As I focussed on this feeling I saw a vision of a deer-like creature standing alone in a meadow. It was a sacrifice for me, the dragon! Then I was in an active volcano and there was a priest doing a ceremony for me, and  a maiden was sacrificed to me. I was being shown how the myth of the dragon had come about.

The fire dragon is the elemental being who lives in the volcano and the stories of the fire-breathing dragon who swoops down on settlements and burns them to the ground is the story of volcanic eruptions and the destructions of villages around it. There is both destruction and creation involved here. The destruction of the ‘established’ and the creation of the new, with added fertility, to allow for new growth.

September 2016.

This dragon energy is often encountered near volcanoes but also in ancient volcanic rock, like rocky outcrops of granite. They can also be found in water connected to ancient  and volcanic rock. Chris, Eartha and I went to Glastonbury a few years ago and ended up taking a small golden dragon back to Winchester with us. It had attached itself to my ankles, having emerged from the Chalice Well, and it was only when we got to the crypt beneath Winchester Cathedral that it let go and swam into the well beneath the Great Altar. Needless to say, I thought I was imagining it, but without telling the others, they had seen it too!


Often I have anchored these energies in Government places and never really understood why: the Council offices in Winchester, the tower of London where they keep the Crown Jewels. Chris anchored the same energy in a place that makes controllers for tanks and planes. I have also anchored one here in Luxor in my husband’s family home, and the one we brought back from Glastonbury to Winchester Cathedral.

When I look at these places I can see that they are all under male control, and all have to do with wealth and/or power, and they don’t share it! But if these dragon energies are destructive/creative then maybe they break down the out of balance male dynamics within power structures, replacing it with more balanced energies, especially balancing it out with the female energies.

It is also possible for essences to be made at certain sites with portions of these dragon energies, but they have a mind of their own and if you are to make an essence they will tell you.


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