Black Dragon at Somborne.

all_saints_little_somborne_hants_-_geograph-org-uk_-_343972I did some work with the black dragon at Little Somborne Chapel in October 2006. (Map link below).I had gone with a friend and fellow-healer, Eartha Luck.

Initially, once Eartha and I had tuned into the little church, a gold dragon filled up a gold chalice on the little stone altar. There was also Brigit energy in her swan aspect, white and pure. Then a rainbow serpent came in and it began to have its skin shed, until it was a skeletal gold dragon. This then filled the church in a spiral of energy. One of the ‘Old Ones’, the spirit of a wise old ancestor, was there directing everything.

The black dragon was guarding her crystal egg. I could see her there but didn’t know exactly where she was. It seemed a strange place for a black dragon to be. She opened her wings wide, and she seemed to be outside, and inside, the western end of the church, as if the church wasn’t there at all. Maybe in her dimension it wasn’t! (It was originally a Saxon church). daenerys_targaryen_by_inesflores-d3hlehy

Then a snake appeared and someone began to take the venom out of its fangs by forcing them into the egg. I was surprised initially as this wasn’t very positive!  (Because at that point I thought all energywork was positive). But as the venom was taken out of the snake the crystal egg began to glow with a  brighter light. It was transmuting it and using the energy for good.   When it was all done the black dragon curled up her wings and sat back down on top of the egg, incubating it.

At the time I had no idea about the Black dragons and expected energy-work to be always of a positive nature. Of course it is, ultimately, but healing can take very challenging forms and this ‘vision’ was showing me that, sometimes what we think of a negative, fearful event can actually have positive, healing results. This Mother dragon was teaching me very well!

blackdragonThe Black dragons work with the deepest and darkest of human emotions, and in order to work with them you have to be able to do the same. Like snake venom, poisons can also be healing and those who work with the black Dragons are able to transmute the poison of negative behaviour, emotions and beliefs, and turn them into a force for good.

This also applies to working with the energy-lines and places of power. The energies of negative human actions remain in the earth and if a sacred site is still active but filled with negative human ‘stuff’ then this is what is sent out through the lines! Therefore this work is vital. All of the negative human emotions that cause the imbalances need to be transmuted. And the black dragons are the ones who do it, with our help…of course!

Map of Somborne and All Saints, church.

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