Flowerdown Barrow, Littleton, Winchester.

5 March 2006.

flowerdown-hengebarrow3Today we went to the barrow at Littleton. Again I had meant to go there for years! It was a lovely surprise. Not only was there a barrow but also a ‘Henge Barrow’ as my guides call them. A very large ditched barrow (bowl barrow).  Apparently, it had originally been part of a barrow cemetery but this was all that was left. It was lovely and yet felt like we were in another world.

We stood in the centre and tuned in. Again I heard someone ask “What do you desire?” I stated my intention to learn how do reactivate the barrow in order to serve humanity. I saw the barrow as it once had been, a white barrow within a white ditch. It was gleaming. It was maintained in its whiteness, as it signified a sacred place.

We were told that this place, in the past, had been a major site of Sacred significance and that this barrow ‘fed many others in the surrounding landscape. It had been a gathering place for local communities and would have been visible for miles around. It had been one of the most important places in the area.

 As we stood, receiving this information, a white portal opened, which we had to step through in order to communicate with the Elders. We both stepped through and almost immediately a tall Elder in a white cloak appeared. He looked very majestic and his fur-trimmed hood was large. He looked, in dress, like the woman who had appeared at Sidbury Hill when we reactivated that. This signifies a Winter/Spring energy.

He was very tall and strode up to us holding his staff in front of him; very imposing. He said nothing but turned around and gestured to us to follow him out of the circle. We followed him and then stood on the outside looking in. He told me that the red dragon was sleeping underneath and had been for a very long tired_dragonme. Now he wanted us to awaken it. I stood and watched the centre of the barrow and tuned into the sleeping red dragon.

I could see it coiled up, asleep and I began to call to it. “Awaken from your slumber now and fill the earth with life-giving energy once again. Spread your abundance into the surrounding earth and bring it to fertility. Awaken dragon.” This stuff is getting very poetic!

I saw the dragon begin to move and awaken and I continued to call to it. Slowly it uncoiled and moved its huge head towards the centre of the barrow. It continued moving, facing its snout towards the centre until it touched the air above the barrow. I then saw a hand holding a white crystal sphere and it placed it into the red dragon’s open mouth. Then a shaft of sunlight came from the sun and filled the crystal sphere with sunlight. This then travelled through the dragon, filling her with golden light which then spread out over the landscape. We were told then that we needed to do no more today. That was all that was needed.

We wandered about for a while after that and went into the small woods behind the barrow. It felt awful, like death. It was absolutely freezing. It had felt warm at the barrow and this was the complete opposite. It didn’t feel like the right time to do anything here and I had the feeling that when the barrow powered up that this energy might shift. We were told to go back at a later date to work with the elementals there.

(We ended up going back there to do a soul-retrieval with a group of people who were ‘stuck’ there and had been, since some time in the Medieval period.)

During this time, I was learning about all of this and I didn’t realise that other aspects of ‘me’ were actually doing what they had been trained to do, in life-times past. I would hear myself saying things and doing things, in my mind, but I was as much a witness to that those parts of myself as a tree is to its surroundings. I learned to trust it and it taught me so much!


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