Stonehenge Cursus and Barrows. Prt. 1

On Sat 4th March 2006 we (Chris Bishop and I)had the idea to go to Salisbury Plain. We drove up and I began to feel really tired  and thought that we’d only stay out for a while. It was freezing but I really wanted to experience the Cursus so we headed to that.  We walked around for a bit and it was much wider than I expected. I wasn’t really sure what to do but I decided to start walking east along the Cursus.




When I had walked for a few minutes I suddenly ‘tapped into’ a memory. I ‘saw’ women dressed in white garments and a cord belt tied around their waists. I heard ‘Ceres/Demeter’. The women were priestesses and they were processing along the Cursus during a ceremonial walk. Male priests walked, flanking them on the outside. The women seemed to be carrying flowers and I could see them stopping just before they reached the fence (the fence wasn’t there in the vision!). They were stopping at a spring which seemed to emerge from the ground. It created a boggy place around it for quite some distance. When they stopped at the spring they left an offering there to honour the Mother.

We stopped at this point and decided to investigate some very alluring barrows in the woods. When we reached them we tuned in and, again, received Greek information. This place was seen as the equivalent to ‘Mount Olympus’, the home of the gods. I also heard ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ but wasn’t sure what it meant. Chris suggested that it was connected to initiatory journeys.  The energy line ran directly to the Cursus where it joined it.

We walked back down and went to the spot where we felt the spring had been. It was very odd. We walked down the laneway and the sun was shining. We felt warm, but as soon as we climbed over the stile and onto the Cursus it was freezing. The closer we got to the bank of the Cursus the stronger the wind became.  We couldn’t quite fathom what was going on. Without the weather changing, certain parts of the area were either freezing cold or quite warm.  I was instructed to pour the Glastonbury Well water from the red spring, that we had brought with us, around the area in a small circle.


Stonehenge Cursus.


When we had done this, we stopped and tuned in to find out what was going on, expecting something unpleasant. Instead, it was amazing.

Further east along the Cursus was a huge energetic gate. It was holographic and nearly the size of a cathedral. There was a link here with Glastonbury abbey. The gateway was an ‘inter-dimensional gateway’ I was told, a star-gate (although I didn’t know what that meant).

It was made up of shapes within shapes. I could make out three. One was a square with a circle and a Vesica Piscis. It was incredibly beautiful. Each shape of the hologram was a different colour, soft and translucent. We decided to go over to the gateway and investigate further.


Vesica Piscis


We crossed the trackway and the stile into the other side again. We walked slowly until we reached the outer layer of the gateway. We stopped and prepared to move through this portal to see what would happen. The first layer was about 8 feet deep and we walked slowly until we reached the second layer. As we walked through it I was told that this was an initiatic gateway to the Mysteries.

Each holographic shape representing a frequency of energy and initiation, a portal. As the candidate moved through the levels of initiation she would be able to pass through each frequency level until she reached the Inner Mysteries.

We moved through the first level easily and then the second. We then moved towards the third but could not. In front of us was an invisible wall of energy, the entrance to the third level, but we could not pass through it. It was so solid and yet, to anyone else, not even there. I asked for information on the third level and how we might pass through it. We had to ask the Lord of Light. I’d never met a Lord before! When I asked how we might pass through the third level the Lord replied:triangleorbmatrix

“You need to use the key of Melchizadek.”

“Do I possess this key?” I asked.

“No, but you can find it” he replied

“How will I know when I have found it?”

“Because you will be impervious to pain.”  He meant emotional pain.

“Where can I find the key?” I asked.

“You will find it deep in your heart,” he answered. “You’ll know it when you’ve found it.  You can return when you have the key.”

“Lord, thank you. May I ask a blessing?”  After a minute, I felt a sudden upsurge of energy washing over me and I felt more enlivened.

After a minute, I felt a sudden upsurge of energy washing over me and I felt more enlivened, with enough energy to continue the day.

(You have to remember that all of this goes on in our heads. We see clairvoyantly, hear clairaudiently and feel clairsentiently. It is like being in another dimension, but one just as real as our ‘normal’one. I learned to trust this information while working with other people as they also received same impressions as I did.)

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