The Creation of an Elemental Portal. Part 2. 19th June 2015.

I was pottering around, getting myself ready for the day, when ‘upstairs’ said:

“Go to the front of the caravan.”

So I duly went and stood facing the large bay window. I immediately felt my umbilical cord connect to the triangle I had anchored yesterday. I called in the Lords of Light, with my mind.

“I welcome you to this land. I ask you to fill this place with the new Light of the Aquarian energies. I will do my part, in Love and Light.”

fontThen, in the centre of the triangle I saw a beautiful Chalice of light being anchored. It was a wispy green and blue chalice, with light that floated around it in soft, diffuse ribbons of sea-greens and blues. It moved to the centre of the triangle flame symbol on the ground and anchored itself there.

Next I saw a large hand above it, placing a drop of liquid into the bowl of the chalice. The drop of light became a single drop of blood and as it blended with the ethereal chalice the chalice became stone. I was initially confused; was it supposed to turn to stone? Surely that’s a bad thing? But then I felt like I was standing in a chapel, and the chalice was now the font, at the end of the chapel, opposite the altar. Where I was standing was the altar. The ‘chapel’ energy surrounded Eartha’s caravan, as though it was now inside this little Chapel. Eartha’s caravan was physical while being inside an energetic building.

I thought about the drop of blood. Blood often symbolises emotional sacrifice. What I realised was that this was the physicalising of spiritual energy archetypes. The drop of light, became blood, the energy chalice became stone as the now physicalised ‘drop’ touched it. The archetypal energies had to become physical.

I began to feel the need to make an essence, so I found a little bottle (Thanks Eartha) and filled it with the water from the Spring. Then I stood in front of the triangle again and place the bottle in the centre, where the three flames joined. I felt an energy come out of my body, which held the bottle and then lifted it energetically so that it was sitting in the font/chalice. (The physical bottle was still on the ground!). arthursword

From out of the sky appeared a large hand and it held a sword, tip facing the earth. Suddenly the hand plunged the sword into the font, through my little energy bottle of water and as it moved through the water it was as though it had been taken out of the coals of a forge and in moving through the bottle was being cooled. The sword went right through the centre of the ‘font’ right up to its hilt. It’s tip then touched the centre of the flame symbol and sparkling red light flowed around the symbol, filling it with fire energy, until the entire symbol glowed with fiery red light. The symbol was now activated and energised with all of the necessary energies, but there was a process to this activating that would take physical time and energy to manifest.

The sword was then withdrawn from the symbol, the chalice and my bottle. But the sword was huge now. The whole energy felt wonderful. At that point I heard myself say:

“May I ask a boon?” I asked if I could take this essence and anchor the Aquarian energies in Egypt.

“It is granted,” was their reply.

Then I heard, “It is done.”

This entire working felt like I was creating an original, early Christian chapel. Those buildings were energetically designed to be part of Nature, not above it. When the Romans took control of the religion they destroyed this aspect of it. They controlled Nature, people, energy and everything else besides. 

It never occurred to me, when I was working with the early Christian settlements on the Aran islands that I would one day be creating them. They were so beautiful, and sacred and simple. Little sanctuaries of holiness and Elemental energies. It feels rather good to be creating one here, in such a beautiful place and in the hands of someone who loves the earth, and all its dimensions, too. 

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