St. Cross and Itchen Woods Revisited. June 2015.

DSCN0606I’ve revisited some of the places where I did energywork before, and some of them have been quite a surprise. I returned to St. Cross Hospital, or rather the Water-meadows, and had an interesting connection with one of the large old Plane trees there. There were a few, planted at modern boundary lines, and were a few hundred years old. The first one I connected to was by the gate leading into the water-meadows from Garnier Road. I could feel my Hara respond to the energy of the tree so I tuned in to see what it was about. I have never worked with Plane trees before.

I faced the tree and ‘saw’ myself cutting open the tree, in a vertical slit, as though I was doing surgery. I opened up the slit until I could see the heart wood of the tree and then I saw  myself reaching into the centre and grasping the ‘rod’ there. I don’t know what this rod is but it felt like the spine of the tree. The tree’s wood felt, and looked like human tissue, which was strange. Then I felt the tree communicate to me that I should touch its bark. So I placed my hand on it and then turned around with my back against it. I immediately felt the back of my head open and a ‘record player’ appear inside my skull. The tree placed a vinyl record on it and began to play it. Then my head was closed up again and we were done. DSCN0613

It was interesting that the ‘record’ was vinyl, and not a modern CD, so I assume that it is the ‘old records’ which the tree holds in its memory. I continued on my walk and found two other plane trees, the same age as the one I had just stood at. As I tuned in, feeling the same Hara resonance, I had the feeling that all was done here. The previous work here was complete. That was good. There was no more work here to do.

On Sunday evening I went up to Itchen woods Banjo enclosure, where I have been working for nearly ten years. It was a huge surprise, because it was so over-grown. If I did not know it was there, it would have been nearly invisible.

I could feel small amounts of energy, but I became aware, as I pushed my way through the new saplings, that this is what all the years of energy-work was all about. We had connected this site to the Tree of Life that I had been working on for years in Winchester and Southern England, but now it felt like we had done what was needed and Nature was now back in control, doing her thing. DSC_2262 (2)It also felt like this is what the Gaia Method was about.

When we had originally starting working on this site, we used to ‘see’ it surrounded by the people who had once taken care of this site. They were all gathered along the banks of the settlement, watching us as we worked. Now there were only a few, 8 or 9 at most. It felt like the work we had done had achieved its aim, even though I didn’t actually know what that was at the time. But it seemed that it was to return the energies back to their natural functioning, back to how Nature worked when left alone.

It was a strange, quiet feeling, because in the past it had felt so vibrant, as we worked with installing the energies and connecting this site to the others around southern England. But it also felt really good. Our purpose there was complete. I wondered why there were still ‘people’ gathered there though and I got the impression that they were there to make sure it was completely finalised and they would slowly disappear too as they saw the trees grow to maturity. DSC_2265 (2)

What I found really interesting was that the young trees were native English trees and they were growing inside the banjo, not outside! Outside it still looked as it had always done. I could feel the ‘human’ energy imprint there still. But inside belonged to the Mother and she was growing her trees.

I wondered then about all of those times I had seen Winchester cathedral as a ruin, with plants growing up its walls and its roof gone and open to the sky, Nature reclaiming her own. And what about those other sites we had worked? Would they too become overgrown and retuned to nature’s control?

I remember, one day, looking out my bedroom window towards St. Catherine’s Hill, and seeing the entire valley filled with trees. Maybe that is what the trees were giving me when they gave me all of these symbols over the years? Maybe that is why we become human trees when we work with them? So that we bring back the balance of nature so that the world’s trees can continue their work. It really wasn’t until this trip, that I understood this aspect of the Gaia Method. DSCN0615

Trees broadcast what is in the earth, so these new trees will broadcast the message of balance and growth and the renewal of all life on the planet. Humans will listen, because that is what we will pick up from the atmosphere. Trees themselves really are the nourishers, and teachers, of the Earth and all that live on her.  And how blessed we are to be able to be part of that work.

I will have to visit Coldridge again and see how that one is faring. I feel excited to see if it too feels the same.

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