Woolbury Hillfort. Hants. Feb. 2005.

Woolbury Hillfort, Stockbridge Down, Hants. SU 380 349. 18/02/2005


Today I felt the urge to go for a walk up Stockbridge Down. While passing it two years ago, I was aware of a large energy field which I assumed emanated from Woolbury Hillfort above the Down. I was surprised because at that time I had no real understanding of the original roles of Hillforts, but I thought I’d revisit it later, to check it out.

According to the National Trust sign in the car park only the southern bank and ditch with the entrance belonged to them, the rest was under cultivation. When I reached the ditch I noticed that the entranceway was very narrow, really only wide enough to allow foot traffic and carts through. I walked across the field to the island of scrub in the middle but felt nothing, although I did pick up some medieval pottery and my first worked flint with micro-flaking. If I found nothing else of interest here then this was good enough!

I walked across to the other side of the Hillfort (N) and climbed down into the very deep ditch! Outside the ditch, it seemed very fertile, but further along, it became dry and dead. The state of the landscape can tell you much about the state of the energy and here it was certainly blocked. I felt drawn to a very old yew tree and had an impulse to sit on one of its branches and take out the pink lithium crystal my Lemurian guides suggested I bring with me. Holding the crystal in my hands I tuned in. I focussed on the centre of the Hillfort and I felt my energy expand and fill the space within the fort. I felt as though I had grown into it somehow. A large silver disc appeared and it covered the interior. It then sank about two feet into the earth. Suddenly an energy line shot out of the centre and raced in both directions, out over the landscape. It moved, simultaneously, South West and North East. It was a powerful blue/white line. The line felt more like a male  energy.woolbury01

When this line was flowing strongly I saw the softer, ‘female’ line, snake its way from the North West, through the centre and on in a South Easterly direction ( I usually see the female energy lines as a serpent, slowly winding its way through the landscape. The blue lines tend to look like rivers). It could also now flow freely. I waited until this process felt complete then climbed up the steep banks and into the Hillfort once again. I walked around the edge until I came to the entrance.

I tried to pick up some residual energies but felt nothing. At one point, a man and his two dogs were walking outside the bank, close to where I wanted to leave the fort, but I noticed he had two large, greyhound type dogs with him, running freely. I had an irrational fear that it would be dangerous to go out this way in case they attacked me. As soon as I had the thought I realised that this was probably the original function of the ditch, to keep out animals! I usually experience the energies of a site as though they were my feelings so I know that when I’m feeling something fearful or sad then it’s usually the site energies rather than mine, but they resonate on some level with my own deeper feelings.

When I had left the site, and taken my photos, I walked backed across the Down following an old earthwork that felt like an old trackway. I came to a Bronze Age Bowl Barrow and stood at the centre. This time, my energy moved down and into the earth where it followed, what appeared to be, an underground tunnel. My energy was now a very small person rather than my physical size, looking more like a dwarf, and it travelled quickly through the tunnel. When it came to a tunnel crossroads it stopped, took out a crystal, planted it where the tunnels crossed and it activated the energies which suddenly began to flow with blue-white light.

I had to wait while my energy raced back and up into my body through my feet. Very odd! While working with barrows I’ve noticed that the imagery is always the same. I see underground tunnels. If they are blocked I can see the obstruction and sometimes the disconnected energies are waving about wildly like a live wire. It only takes a few minutes to ‘rewire’ them again! woolbury-hill-fort-hampshire-hillfort-map2

As I walked back to my car I was ‘given’ Danebury, so either there’s an energetic link to that Hillfort or there is a similarity of function. Only a visit will give me the information. It certainly felt very different to Danebury and there was little ‘feeling’ here but a lot of stone tools lay scattered in the plough soil. It also felt primarily male, as later work also suggested.

My  guides gave me the following information pertaining to Woolbury Hillfort:

“Woolbury ring was a pre-Christian enclave (an enclosed territory that is culturally distinct from the foreign territory that surrounds it). Its boundaries spread out like a fan. Many travelled there for succour in times of need as it produced the finest grain.

It was a ‘holding’ centre, built to sustain the land and its people. In keeping the energies flowing fertility was assured.

The Bronze Age farmers, before the coming of your race (The Milesians/Celts), utilised its energies well, understanding its function. Your race did not understand this work, being predominantly Lunar, and took control of the site, using it for their own ends, namely as a fortification and power centre for the local chieftain.

It is no longer understood but earlier peoples did not necessarily abandon sites willy-nilly. Slowly they became degraded as times changed and people moved further into the land, releasing the need for fortified dwelling places.

These sites have had a multiplicity of uses. Initially, they were beacons of light, sanctuaries of the Holy Ones, who worked with the energies of the land. Then, as each successive race entered, the invading peoples used them in their own ways. Many did not work with the energies and these ones fell into ‘disrepair’. The country fell more into darkness, but centres of light persisted. Not all the invaders were ‘unaware’ but their methods did not match ours. Some were able to be taught but the majority knew nothing of our ways. We became ‘The Shining Ones’ and people began to fear us as they did not understand. Now, in your time, we are venerated, as people once again come to recognise us and our deeds”.

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