Coldridge Banjo Enclosure. Prt. 2


Connection between Fosbury Hillfort and Coldridge Banjo. Both Fosbury and the Banjo are connected to Ludgershall Castle.

May 2005.

Yesterday we went to Coldridge Wood. As we got out of the car I stopped and looked up the hollow ways, old Roman/Medieval trackways,  and I heard a woman’s voice say “I’m so glad you’ve come”. We went initially to the Maiden/Spring vortex which felt beautiful and soft, very sensual and light. The dome, which I had placed there to protect the energy-work of the Brigit-flame, was still above it, which my friend Chris could see.

Next, I took him into the Cailleach vortex and it was really powerful. As soon we entered its field. We stood in the centre and tuned in.  He was holding my singer crystal and bringing in the solar light.  My ears felt hot and my throat felt open, my heart was expanding, in fact, every one of my chakras was opening and filling up with energy! It was nearly overwhelming and felt very ecstasy-like! I became aware that Chris’s energy field was filling up with Golden Solar energy and it now looked like a golden disc. He had his right hand up to the Sun, drawing in the energy. As he did this I had my left-hand palm down towards the earth and I was sending all the energy he was receiving into the earth. It felt very powerful.

I saw a woman in a natural white dress with a woven belt around her waist stand in front of us. In her hands, she held a large flame. She placed the flame at our feet and then put a wooden wand, point down, into the centre of the flame and into the ground, like an acupuncture needle. This anchored the fire energy into the vortex. I was still grounding the solar energy that Chris was bringing in, and we felt like a two-pin plug, only he was the live wire and I was the earth wire. We couldn’t stop until it felt complete.

Dryad a few meters away from the Banjo.

Dryad a few meters away from the Banjo.

We walked up the avenue and into the Banjo enclosure. He was aware that the energy flowed around the Banjo so, again,  that was good confirmation of work I had done previously. We could feel the energy as soon as we entered the Banjo. Chris picked up a lot about the Green man and Osiris and the link between them.

As he did his bit, I tuned in and again the woman in the light dress appeared. This time, she held a pitcher of water in her arms and she poured the water under our feet. The water created a pool which spread out across the Banjo creating a mirror. Chris was told to create a triple spiral with the singer crystal, which he did and then we finished by grounding  the energy.

This next bit is more about how we picked up past information about the site and how it can be done, just by pyschometrising an object!

Next, I took him to the villa site, where our geophysical survey had shown a possible Barrow (Bronze Age burial mound).  We found a piece of slag, from Iron Age iron-working, which I gave to him to hold, and he psychically tuned into the site, via the piece of slag. He picked up a lot of info, much of which corroborated information Kat and I had gotten previously.

slagHe picked up the Roman centurion who had lived in the Villa, which we had been surveying, and his horse!  He also picked up the iron smelting at night with the full moon, a practice which the newcomers had brought with them. He ‘met’ with the early British woman who had had her home in Stert copse. I had been given info about Stert copse, from my guides,  but there was no physical evidence to support it so I had let it go…should really know better than  to trust in my ‘archaeology head’!

This woman gave him quite a bit of information about their lives in this area. Chris is particularly gifted in picking up the personalities of people from the past. He sees them as though he is in conversation with them and they talk to him as though he is in their time. This particular trip was particularly interesting to me because I had picked up a lot of information about the site from objects which had been found during field-walking activities, and his information corroborated all of it.

Chris said that the iron smelting people were an un-unknown quantity as far as the Britons were concerned. They didn’t work with the balance of nature like the Britons, and did ‘funny things at night’. This was in reference to the iron-working. She complained about the smell! To cap it all the Romans arrived and set up house right beside the Celts, and things became worse. The Romans were not interested in petty arguments amongst the local rival clans, as they saw it.roman

The centurion was in charge of the local territory, and was a governor. He said he’d marched through Trajen’s arch and he was just as I had picked up while doing psychometry with artefacts in the Wiltshire Museum.  Later as we were walking back to the car I showed Chris the Hollow Way. He tuned into it and immediately saw that it led up to the villa. He saw a group of Roman soldiers marching towards the villa. When the soldier in charge saw us he halted his men. They were pulling two large carts, with oxen, and were pretty tired. The soldier explained that they were coming from Silchester as there was unrest in the north. They needed to bring more men to bolster the local garrison and would be relieving them  as soon as they arrived, but they were tired and hungry and would be glad of a rest!

I always love this kind of information from a site. It makes it so much more ‘human’!

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