Wick Ball Camp. Part 1.

20 June 2005.

dinton_map003Chris wanted to visit Dinton, a place he had lived, as a child,so we went, even though I felt shattered. We finally arrived there, and it was nearly 30 degrees! I was dressed in summer clothes, as it was so hot and we had to walk through tall grasses in the park.

It is an old estate with an Iron Age Hillcamp behind it, called Wick Ball Hillfort. We had to avoid the cow pats and horseflies and I really didn’t want to go there. I hated it. But I continued anyway. It became progressively harder because of horseflies and brambles and I was feeling more and more irritable as we went on. We found some steps that led up the hill and climbed them but again the horseflies were voracious. I began to feel like I was being attacked and it made me feel angry and out of control.

By the time we got to the top I’d nearly had enough. I couldn’t stop for one minute because we were attacked by horseflies. More than one drew blood, painfully. Chris had a really bad turn. When we got to the top of the steps he just couldn’t go on and had to sit down. He was sweating profusely and he looked very unwell. We both felt physically uncomfortable, like our bodies were full of something unpleasant. My stomach felt bloated and horrible and Chris thought he was going to throw up. He couldn’t handle it and had to lie down on the steps. I was kind of surprised as it was really stony but it didn’t seem to matter to him. I began to wonder if his heart was giving out on him as he looked like he was dying. dinton house

The stench of death and extreme dis-ease was unbearable. I had carried my crystals with me and I took one out for Chris. I put white light around me to raise my protection and told him to do the same. Within minutes the energies subsided and Chris was ok again. This place felt really evil, and I don’t often use that word, but what had happened here was unbearable. It was filled with the stench of death and fear, anger and corruption. But because of that I wanted to do something with it. While Chris recovered his bearings I walked further and was told to go further.

I walked into a field and heard ‘ it was like hailstones’. My sense was that the settlement had been attacked by some really heartless attackers, who caught them by surprise, and they had no way of escaping. People were callously murdered and the energy left an intolerable stench. I wanted to do something, but didn’t know what. I saw an old tree with moss at it’s base and I put the Corfe crystal under its roots. I intended it to receive light energies and distribute them in ripples across the area. I also invoked the violet flame to cleanse and clear the area of all negative energies. It was all I could do before the horseflies got the better of us.Flickr-Holographic-Soul-2012-Information-of-the-universe--e1353079219450

We walked back down the steps, glad to be leaving. We began to feel better at about 300 yards away, so we had a chance to discuss it. It was a huge learning curve for both of us. This was the third site visit that I felt I really didn’t want to do but did because Chris wanted to. Each time I had the same issue I picked up the really negative stuff. The first one was at Beacon hill three weeks ago on the 5th June. I was told at the time that I needed to work with someone who had badger energy as the energy was too deep and would need digging out. The second time was at Wayland smithy and that was bad too. And now this site.

Chris explained to me on our way back down what he had experienced. He had been feeling physically sick as of half way through the field, and thought it might have been the heat and his breakfast! By the time he reached the top of the steps he felt dizzy, sick and thought he was going to have a heart attack! He said he laid down because he just wanted to give up and die. He had no will to live any more, he didn’t care. He sincerely thought he was dying.

At that point I had handed him the crystal and told him to put a band of white protective energy around him and when he did this he began to feel better, but still felt like he was going to throw up. This too subsided and he felt ok again but still physically uncomfortable. He had never felt like dying and giving up before so he thought it was really real. The way he was describing it sounded like he was tuning into the energy of the place in a very physical way and it terrified him. He looked back up to the Hill-camp and he saw that it had been attacked by warriors who were a nasty bunch of men. I had felt there was a massacre there, so this felt right. He was aware of these men still standing on the battlements (interesting word!) shaking their fists in victory having succeeded in driving us away.

Part 2 will explain why we went through this experience!

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