Avebury, West Kennet and Swallowhead Spring. Feb. 2005.

15/02/2005 13:50

clip_image002Yesterday Kat (Kathryn Jackson) and I went to Avebury for Kat’s initiation. When we arrived at Avebury we went for a coffee, then went to the circles. We walked in, with our Lemurian crystals in hand, through the main gateway stones.

We walked into the centre of the third circle (there are 5) and stood facing the avenue. We both tuned in and Kat spoke to her guides, or rather they spoke to her! I wasn’t sure what to do so I just watched. However, I saw that the two circles we were standing in were moving. Each looked like a cog in a clock and each cog had a notch in it (Fig.1). As I watched, each cog began to move into alignment with each other until all the notches were open in clip_image004the same place. I heard a ‘click’ when all were aligned (fig.2). Then I saw a line of blue-white light emerging from the centre of the circles aligned at the notches, and move quickly along the avenue of stones and on up to the Sanctuary. I then faced the opposite direction and saw the line of light race along Beckhampton Avenue and into a circle at the end.

I continued to stand there, waiting for Kat, when I began to feel energy buzzing deeply through my feet and calves. I wasn’t sure what was happening. My guides told me to ‘allow it come up’, so I relaxed and observed. It continued to move up through my body then suddenly it burst through the top of my head and it was a tree, its branches stretching up to touch the nourishment of the sun.

This bit was now finished and it was time for lunch. We went to the pub and had a meal. It wasn’t as good as in the past. I went to the loo and there was no door, it felt like everything was falling apart, being ‘uncreated’. That was an odd thing to think, how are things ‘uncreated’? As I returned to my chair I was filled with a feeling of a huge vortex in the circle and everything was being pulled into it, all the houses in the village, everything inside the circle, was disappearing. I saw that this process would take a number of years but that it would happen. In the future there would be no village in the centre and the circle would be ‘renewed’, back to the way it had been in the past. It would be a Sacred, loved place once again.

avebury_stone_ring_600Even as we drove out of Avebury this feeling persisted, it was very strange, but felt very positive. (As I later discovered, some stone circles act as negative energy recyclers. They absorb the unbalanced energies in the landscape around them, sucking them into the vortex in the circle, which then allows balance to reign once again.)

When we arrived at West Kennet I was dismayed at how many people were visiting that day. Half-term; I had forgotten! We walked up the hill towards the longbarrow and scores of people followed us. I couldn’t believe it! Even a bus-load of visitors came up, what on earth was going on? How could we do anything with all these loud people and kids around? I stood inside the entrance, at the blocking stone and linked sun to earth. I ‘became’ a Mayan priest, drawing in the energy of the sun. Then a very loud boy ran into the tomb and I left. I found it incredibly irritating. I didn’t want loud noise here; it was supposed to be quiet and sacred. But here were all these kids, running in and over the barrow, with no respect and I couldn’t bear it. I was also confused because normally it wouldn’t have bothered me but today it really did! west kennet

I had to walk away and went to the end of the barrow where I knew no-one would be bothered to come. I stayed away from the people. I couldn’t bear to be around them. It made me angry that they had no understanding and no reverence for the place. I felt really upset. I had a fleeting, irrational thought ,that  felt like they were invaders and the sacred ways were being desecrated. I was obviously picking up on old memories at the site. I asked my guides to please get them to leave so we could continue our work in the tomb. I knew we just had to wait. Fifteen minutes later they had gone and we finally entered the passage.

We stood in the end chamber and I mentally created a circle of blue light around us, like my guides suggested. Then we both tuned in. I saw the chambers being filled with blue-white light and then an image of Anubis.’ Great’, I thought sarcastically, Anubis energy represents deep, unconscious healing and I’d been there before! I asked Kat was she was picking up and she was experiencing the Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples feelings around death. They saw death as a transition, moving from one state of being to another. It felt comforting and safe, not at all like our present day feelings around it. That fit with my previous experiences at the longbarrow. I had a sense of great joy when people passed to the spirit realms. They celebrated their passing, they didn’t see death as a negative experience, They recognised that the spirit world was their true home and they rejoiced at their return.

Kat continued to tune in and, as I listened, I began to feel very emotional and I had to stop. I leaned against one of the stones and cried. I felt a huge sense of loss. This ‘time’, the times when the barrow was in use, was the real time, not the present. This time was where I really belonged and I just wanted to be back there. I didn’t belong in the present. This was home. westkennet

I wasn’t ‘tuning into’ the site; I was experiencing my own deeper feelings. My guides had told me, six months ago, that something was missing in my life. In order to feel ‘complete’ I had to find this ‘something’. I have been working on finding it since then, allowing my guides to lead me to its discovery.

When I visited Stanton Drew Kat told me that she was picking up a sense of loss, a feeling of wanting to go back to the past. I realised that she was picking up on my feelings and it brought me closer to understanding what I was feeling. Now, this experience in the barrow brought up a little more. I recognise that I have felt this all my life. While growing up in Ireland I used to feel very angry that you could no longer just get on a horse and ride from one end of the country to the other. Now they had field boundaries and people ‘possessed’ the earth. In my head I lived in a time when we could roam freely, where people could be themselves, free.

I never felt like I fitted with modern society.

For the past two weeks this feeling has been getting stronger. I am constantly writing and researching. Perhaps I am close to discovering what this ‘something’ is, finally.

Then,a man and his young son entered the tomb, but this time I didn’t mind. It was nice to see someone so young, interested in the place. My feelings had totally shifted. swallowhead spring

I left feeling much lighter.

On our way back we decided to go to Swallowhead spring and get some water to make essences with. People had tied ribbons to the trees and had left offerings. When we took the water we each left a token, a small crystal in the water. I had a sense of gratitude around the area of the spring. The site was honoured and respected and people’s feelings of gratitude remained there, in the ethers.

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