Beacon Hill. 29 March 2009.

29 March 2009.

Finally we went up to do the gold cord work at Beacon Hill! But it wasn’t actually in the fort but along the ridge where I had seen the Magdalene/Ruby flame burning for the last two years. Someone must have lit it there…

It was weird because I felt like I didn’t want Chris there but I didn’t understand what that was about until later! We walked from the hill-fort along the ridge and as I did I felt like an Egyptian priestess. It was as though the hill-fort itself was the temple and the priestess was walking to the other sacred part to do something there, or to meet someone there.

clip_image001The flame seemed to be in a square earthen banked enclosure that felt distinctly Roman, and could also originally have contained water. When we got to the enclosure I knew I needed to walk into the centre of the Magenta flame. Chris  felt that it was a sacred women’s place and that he wasn’t wanted there. He was aware of its sacred female presence, so he left and pottered around while I did what I needed to do.

I tuned in and was immediately reminded of how many times I was told ‘Dendera’ during the week. This place resonated with Hathor! I felt a ‘prayer’ coming on and I heard myself asking her for her ‘gift of life’ and her bounty so that I could then pass it on to others. I also dedicated myself to learning the ancient craft of weaving and spinning. When I had felt complete with this part I saw a woman and she was sucking all my colours out of me. I had done this with Chris when I got back from France. He had felt me pulling all his energy into myself, like a vortex and now it was happening to me. Then I saw, from beneath my feet, a column of entwined coloured energies moving into the sky. I was told that there were nine energies in total and that they were the ‘Spectrum of Isis’. Then they said that each winter I would anchor another ‘thread’.

Then I saw a large earthenware pot and into this pot all my energies flowed into it. When they were all in there a cork was put into it and sealed with red wax. I felt a channel open up beneath my feet and the earthenware pot was placed in the bottom of it, about eight feet deep. clip_image003

Then the gold cord from Grau du Roi came out of my centre and began to wrap around the top of the jar like a coil. A tall white pole was then inserted into the top of the pot and the gold thread wound around it all the way to the top. The channel was filled in and the pole now stuck out like a flagpole on an Egyptian temple. The gold thread was anchored at the top of the pole with a gold pin. A large gold disc began to grow around the top of the pole and it expanded out across the sky. I had the feeling that it both transmitted a balancing energy into the atmosphere above our heads, but also absorbed energy from the atmosphere into itself.

That was all I needed to do! When I came out of the enclosure Chris said that he was given the name ‘the temple of the Sun’. Interestingly when I did the other Beacon Hill on Farley mount, a couple of years previously, I was told it was a ‘Huaca de la Luna’, or temple of the moon. Its energy went down into the earth and travelled to Ashe church but this one travels through the upper layers.

These hills named ‘Beacon Hill’ are not just fire places, but places of energy which effect lower and upper energy layers of the earth, and therefore humanity.

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