Coldridge Woods, Wiltshire. Prt. 1

This is the journal entry of Earthwork I did a number of years ago. I was first being trained in recognising Dragon energies and learning how they worked in the landscape! I learned a lot in those days!

Sunday 23 January 2005.

Red Dragon Line between Fosbury Hillfort and Coldridge Banjo.

Red Dragon Line between Fosbury Hillfort and Coldridge Banjo.

Today I went up to the Banjo enclosure in Coldridge Wood, Wiltshire (Grid Ref. SU29075193) with my Brother-in-law and niece. I had come to know the enclosure very well during the Spring of 2004 when I had to do an archaeological survey of the site with a work partner as part of my degree.

Matt Nichols, who lives in the area, discovered the site while doing his archaeology degree.   The site is made up of an Iron Age Ditched enclosure with an avenue heading East.  It has a hollow depression at the base of the avenue, which is now nearly unrecognisable.

During the course of the survey, I found that the depression was an energy vortex. Beside it was another vortex with an ‘Elemental’ feel to it. When I tuned into the vortex I discovered that it was symbolised by a Ceridwen (Winter) energy.  It felt like death and the void but with the promise of renewal.  I felt a joy there that I had experienced outside West Kennet Long Barrow a couple of years earlier. I also felt that there had been a burial there in the past. Death was not the end to the people who created this site! It felt quite the opposite. The joy was the joy of returning to the Mother, of new life within her. Such a different feeling than the feelings we experience with death nowadays.

Ceridwen by Emily Brunner

Ceridwen by Emily Brunner

I next went into the other vortex and felt, as I walked across it, that it was the Maiden (Spring) vortex and that there was link with the stone circles at Avebury. I don’t know whether this is through time, or purpose. This was my first lesson in vortices which are active at different times of the year!

During the survey, I discovered another, less visible, trackway that led Northeast from the Banjo enclosure but it petered out after a couple of hundred yards. My guides told me that it was connected to a Hillfort which represented the Mother energy. This turned out to be Fosbury Hillfort which Matt later also introduced me to.

Fosbury is a most amazing place.  It fulfils the same function as Stonehenge in that it was a transmitter of Solar energy into the earth and was connected to other sites which it ‘fed’. An Etheric temple of sorts. The entire place was filled with Mother energy. It felt like the people that had lived there felt completely safe, and nurtured, and they knew that they needed for nothing, as the Mother supplied them with everything. A beautiful feeling, and my first experience of the Mother’s love.

However, the energy from the Hillfort was not reaching the Banjo enclosure anymore, and Kat and I worked to clear the line and reconnect the energy.  It ran like a red river (red dragon energy) down the trackway, moving anti-clockwise around the Banjo boundary ditch and back up the trackway.  We’d never seen this before and didn’t know what it meant.

Coldridge Banjo Avenue and vortices.

Coldridge Banjo Avenue and vortices.

When we had done this, and then later reactivated Fosbury, we thought that we were finished. But my guides told me that we had to do some more energy work on Midwinter’s day, so we ended up activating the Light energy there again.

A couple of weeks ago I had an impulse to visit the Banjo again and this time brought another friend. My guides had recently instructed me to buy some more Lemurian crystals which I now carry with me when visiting sites. They are very powerful healing crystals as I was about to find out.

The Spring vortex was very active which surprised me as I thought the Winter one should be! I was instructed to tune in and to hold the Golden Healer Lemurian crystal in my hands. I saw an energy dome appear, made up of interconnecting white lines.  It was very beautiful. I then placed my crystal on the ground, one end pointing towards the banjo and the other towards the Winter vortex.


Dryad close to the Banjo.

I saw a line of energy connect all three points within the vortices.  I was told ‘to walk the Path of the Ancient Ones’ and I then saw a line of Ancient beings dressed in long robes walking up the avenue. This seems to be happening quite a lot recently!  I followed these robed people up the avenue. No mean feat I can tell you! The avenue has a covering of trees and low scrub growing over it so I had to scramble over and under dead and sprawling undergrowth.

In the Banjo Enclosure, my friend Julie noticed how one side seemed to be more ‘Golden’. It seemed as though one side was dark and one side was light.  It looked like it held a balance of neg/pos energy, like a yin/yang symbol. Interesting! I know from previous work there that the guardians of the site, an Anglo-Saxon man and his British wife and child, had suffered incredible trauma there when their settlement was attacked and their home was burnt to the ground.  The man had been killed by having a sword plunged into his stomach and his wife and child had taken refuge in the vortexes at the bottom of the avenue.  We don’t know what happened to them but the energy of the vicious attack remained

The man had been killed by having a sword plunged into his stomach and his wife and child had taken refuge in the vortices at the bottom of the avenue.  We don’t know what happened to them but the energy of the vicious attack remained in the site. Judging by the power of the site and its ability to reflect one’s issues like a mirror, the couple, and all previous guardians, must have been very balanced in their own development. If they hadn’t been, their ‘stuff’ would have been around them all the time.

Golden Healer Lemurian Crystal.

Golden Healer Lemurian Crystal.

So on Sunday, a week after my visit with Julie, I was there again. This time, I brought only one Lemurian crystal.  Again, at the junction of the Banjo ditch and the older trackway I was instructed to take out the crystal and hold it pointing downwards.

Sparkling light began to rush out of the tip and began to surround me in a bubble of high frequency energy.  This then took the form of a lady of light.  She left my energy field and moved to the banjo where she proceeded to fill it with light until she had created a dome of white energy.  Then I saw her ‘click’ the energy-lines that passed through the enclosure, back into place.

I was surprised, as I’d never seen energy-lines here before.  I assumed that only the red dragon energy surrounded the site! Then the most amazing thing happened.  A huge white flame, burst into being where the leylines crossed each other.  I felt overjoyed, even though on a rational level I didn’t know exactly what it was.  But, the bit of me that did know was ecstatic. It reminded me of the movie ‘She’ where a woman is kept ever youthful because she steps into the flame of immortality.

I was aware of feeling very protective of the site and I began to imagine trying to clear the deadwood away and mark it out in some way so that it could be recognised.  I realised then that the people in the past must have felt very similar, realising the specialness of a site and wanting to take care of it. What one gains from being at sites such as these is never to be underestimated! I feel that we are very privileged to be able to do this work and to reconnect with our ancestors in this way.

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