The Sacred Scarab Beetle…Reassessed.

Scarab beetle.

I never really thought much about the Egyptian Scarab Beetle, or the other sacred Gods of Egypt, until I had an experience which helped me to understand how the Ancient Egyptians possibly understood the Symbolism of the Scarab.

It was my third visit to Egypt but my first time staying on the West Bank in Luxor. I was there with a friend and my daughter and we were swimming in the pool which belonged to the flats we were staying in. At that time my friend was also my Gaia Method student and I was facilitating his emotional healing and energy-work training. He had never learned how to swim and was scared of the water due to a childhood incident with water which he had never been able to overcome.

On this occasion, seeing myself and my daughter enjoy the water he decided to brave it and slowly got into the pool. He discovered to his delight that it was fun and not scary so long as he held onto the side of the pool. He spent most of his time in the water close to the edge, just in case. But it was a start!

One day, while he was  clinging to the edge, he said he felt strange . Then, without saying any more, he got out of the pool. I decided to get in as it was very hot but when I got in I began to feel scared and powerless. I could feel it in my stomach but stayed in the pool to understand what I was feeling.  I tuned into the feelings and I felt like a small child, powerless and scared and no-one wanted to hear me. I realised that the feelings my friend had been experiencing had somehow been magnified by the water in the pool and had been left there when he got out.  I told him what I was feeling and he identified it immediately. As I swam, feeling all these emotions, I suddenly ‘saw’ a large scarab in front of me as though I was clinging to its back. As I was swimming it moved in front of me, clearing the emotional ‘stuff’ which had been left in the pool. I swam two lengths this way until it felt clear.

Scarab larvae.

This experience made me re-think the symbolism of the scarab beetle and why, and how, the Ancient Egyptians used it. Thinking about it rationally it made perfect sense because it rolls balls of dung from the earth’s surface and then rolls it into the hole where the female lays her eggs. It clears up ‘shit’. The female is the one who lays her eggs who then hatch and emerge from the Earth!! The creation myth is about both male and female!!!

Scarab beetle from the Garden

Perhaps it is the male’s role to clear up the ‘atmosphere’ of human emotion and thinking so that the new creations can be born? But as we all know, our ‘shit’ is the fodder for our growth, without which we would never come to know ourselves and become who we are meant to be. In terms of human development, the ‘clearing’ comes before the ‘rebirth’! The hieroglyph for the sacred scarab means ‘to transform’, to ‘become’. Perhaps they have merged the meaning for  both male and female together remembering only the masculine creative principle. Yet he is given the credit for it all!!! Nothing changes really!!!

But it also made me think of the huge granite carving of a scarab beetle beside the sacred lake in Karnak temple. Perhaps its role was to symbolically keep the lake and its surroundings clear? The scarab belonged to Amenhotep lll and we know what work he was doing with his wife Tiye and son Akhenaten.

Karnak and the sacred Lake.

The Sacred lake symbolises the Waters of Creation from where all life emerges and so the scarab here has a dual function, both as clearer and creator. Male and female roles. It clears the way so that new creations can emerge.

It makes sense also why the scarab was placed in strategic positions on the body when it was being mummified. Placed over the heart it keeps it clean and clear. A ‘white heart’ as they say here in Egypt.

Pectorals using the heart scarab might have been used as symbols keeping the king/priest clear and safe from surrounding energies, much as people use crystals today to protect and keep their energy fields clear.

So the next time you want to clear your energy field, or a body of water, of energies which remain anchored there use the energy of the scarab and see what happens. And let me know what you discover. I would be very interested in hearing your stories.


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