Round Barrow Work.

26 December 2008.
We checked out the barrow near Crawley today. The one that is attached to St. Catherine’s Hill and runs through my house. We discovered, after a trip to Itchen wood that there was a red line coming from St. Catherine’s hill which continued to run straight through the woods. We had to connect a gold line from there to the centre of the banjo and then a copper line to the gateway point. It was exciting to realise that my house is actually connected to all those places which I have been working on for all these years!
Anyway, having discovered the barrow was in No-man’s land, a place I had had a dream about a few night’s previously, we decided to investigate the red line which appeared to run through it.
We walked down the green lane from Folly Farm and went right to the end where it joins the main green lane into Winchester. We initially had trouble finding the barrow as it is in a ploughed field but we found it while looking in the opposite direction. The shadows showed us where the barrow lay. Chris kept saying how he felt like he was walking towards Hatshepsut’s temple from the East bank of Luxor but we couldn’t get the connection.
After a few minutes deliberation about whether or not we should walk in the newly ploughed field we decided ‘to heck with it, it wasn’t that muddy’! So we made our way over to the barrow and stood on it as usual. We each tuned in and initially Chris saw a long, newly created shaft running beneath the barrow into the centre of the earth. At first he thought it was a well but it lacked water. Then I saw someone with geometry instruments, a set square and the Egyptian hoe hieroglyph, marking out places on a map. Then it all changed and I was aware of the red line which came from St. Catherine’s hill. I saw a huge fire, like a beacon, on top but it also made me think of Beacon Hill barrows, so I wondered if there was a connection. I saw a Celtic cross lying between us and St. Catherine’s. The circle was the barrow and the cross depicted the lines which intersected in the centre of it. The line from St. Catherine’s was red but the intersecting line was green. What did that mean? Was it the same as the red/green symbolism of sacrifice and growth? Earlier, before we had gone over to the barrow my guides had said that it went to Kimmerage bay, but I’m so bad at distance and direction I couldn’t figure out how that could be. I did understand it later…
A large wooden boat appeared from my left which seemed to be connected to an ancient processional way from St. Catherine’s. They would bring the sacred fire from the hill and plant it here.
Then I was shown a wooden boat which became a golden boat, like a solar barque. As though they were transporting the solar fire to this place. A yearly festival? This reminded me of Bury Hill in Andover and the processional way through what is now the Wyevale centre.
I saw, at the head of the procession, a priest and in his hand he held an ember. He wore an ankh around his neck on a chain and he took this ankh and pushed it into the ground at my feet, like a key. He opened the energy line and then placed the ember, which was a small ruby, into the space beneath, as though the ankh had opened the ground to receive it. At one point Chris saw Akhenaten and Nefertiti doing their solar worship.
Then I was shown this symbol but where the first lines crossed, at the top, was a small circle. It represented this barrow. The second crossover point represented a larger site which also had lines intersecting through it. When we plotted it on the map when we got back to the caravan this turned out to be Danebury Hill-fort. The intersecting line which ran southwest ended at Kimmerage Bay!!
The first southwest line went right through the barrows on beacon Hill! They were the first barrows I’d ever worked with!! The north east line goes to Crawly but we can’t figure out quite where. If the lines are equidistant they must go further than that. We’ll have to see where we’re led.
The old priest, who looked like Merlin, pointed to the point on the first circle, i.e. our barrow, and told us that we needed to plant the fire at the site connected with this line. The line goes to beacon Hill barrows so that’s our next trip.
The priest with the ankh was still there and now he showed me the Venus mirror symbol but it had a flame instead of a circle. I was planting a Venus flame, the Ruby flame, the Magdalene flame. It slowly became a large pink lotus and its stem went down the shaft that Chris had created for it, even though he didn’t know that he had been doing that! I hadn’t known either!!
Then there was an image of an old green potions bottle which someone had dug up and was now trying to wipe clean the bottle so that he could read the label. It reminded me of my essence bottles! I then had the impression that he was holding out the shabti to me and I realised that I needed to place some of the Maat essence into the lotus., only I didn’t have it with me. I had, however, put it on this morning, so I figured there must be a way of transferring that energy here via intention. So I tuned in to the Hatshepsut essence in my energy field and expanded it out in a rosy glow. I saw the man holding out his hand and drops of essence began to fill his cupped palm. He then very gently allowed it to fall as droplets into the lotus petals. I could see a connection now between here and lulworth cove where I had made the essence and then a connection to Hatshepsut’s temple where the other gateway is. Hence Chris’s feelings about walking to her temple earlier on!!
At the end Chris saw the shaft filling up with pink water from the centre of the earth. Earlier he had seen that, from some point down in the shaft that it had other ‘tunnel’s’ leading off from it. They must have been the four directions for the energies to flow.
So that was it.Research: As if to emphasize the hermetic nature of the Cross of Lorraine, an image of the sun (the eternal male principle) crowns it, and an image of the moon (the eternal female principle) is to be seen beneath it.

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