The Cross of Lorraine.

30 July 2009.

For the past 9 months I have been involved in an energetic process which involves building a landscape temple between Winchester and the Severn river. The first inkling I had of this was when my guides (in spirit, whom I call the Elders) began to instruct me in the creation of this ‘Temple’. It seems to be the foundation of a Tree of Life, which, contrary to common perception, lies horizontally in the landscape and not vertically. It is a very real, energetic space and connects space, time, light and sound within its matrix.
It began after receiving instructions for the Egyptian Tree of Life, which was created by the Ancient priests there and which was maintained by those who knew how, up until the present time. Each time we, as a planet, go through a shift, these energetic structures are realigned and renergised. The trees themselves are, on one level, the blending of the masculine and the feminine divine creative energies and ensire that the landscape is kept energetically ‘fertile’, which also leads to physical fertility. Think of the Garden of Eden! For when these ‘Trees’ are fully functioning the landscape does indeed become a Garden of Eden, fertile and abundant. (I have begun some of the Egyptian work on my Egyptian blog. Link to the left!)
So, one night, lying in my bed the first part of this process began. I am sharing it in its entirety, adding parts as it is done, as it is an ongoing process. I have no idea when it will end. Perhaps you have had experience in this kind of work. If you have I would love to hear it.
The Gaia Method process is very much part of this work as the ‘keys’ and ‘gateways’ allow us to access and use the energies and ancient knowledge which teach us how to do this work in the first place. (If you want to understand more about the Gaia Method visit my main website. The link is on the left!)
19 November 08.
Sitting in my room, reading ‘Journey of souls’ again I decided to upgrade the energy of the house as I’d already been giving the message that there was no light here! Instead of running to some place where there was light, I thought I would create it here! Never imagining for one minute what this would mean!!
I closed my eyes and immediately saw a vortex of energy moving down from some higher level and move into the earth beneath the house. Then I had some channelled information on what I needed to create here and what I needed to do for the future. I was told to connect to the ancient ones and the Faraway ones, (Obviously souls who existed very far away. They turned out to be the Hathor’s who now live in another dimension, continuing their evolution there. Tom Kenyon does a lot of work with the Hathors and I’m not exactly sure who they are!! )
This then is what happened:
I saw a large serpent moving slowly through the earth from St. Catherine’s Hill.
I called in the ‘Faraway Ones’, meaning the ones who lived in a distant dimension, and immediately saw a large column of energy come in from the cosmos somewhere. It was a blue-white light column about three and a half feet in circumference. It moved into the ground and continued rotating slowly. Then I saw red and other coloured cords come from Devon and Cornwall, Scotland, Fosbury and Carnac in France being drawn towards it and when they reached it, they wrapped themselves around it and as the column rotated, they created a woven pattern of coloured energy, just like a maypole! So that’s where it comes from! The column of light was now a woven column of coloured ribbons. They anchored this to the red line from St. Catherine’s Hill which I connected a couple of months ago. This line connects to the blue line from Magdalene Hill, which runs west beneath our house. It is a fairy path as I have seen them moving west during the summer.
White light then flowed from the column and in both directions through the red line, connecting it strongly to both.
The next stage involved a chalice being placed in the west of the garden. A sword was placed in the east. The Lia Fail was placed in the north and the spear was placed in the south. These were then activated and a line connected each item creating a lozenge shape. Then a circle of people stood outside and around the lozenge.
It was time for the Venus ruby energy to be installed. A large facetted ruby was then planted in the ground, like the one in Dunmore East, Co. Waterford. I could see the Venus light being injected into a narrow channel in the centre of the column. This ruby pink energy flowed slowly down the channel and one of the beings from the circle stepped inside the column and began to distribute the energy in a beautiful dance of light all around the column and within the circle of people. He created a series of loops with the energy in a lovely pattern but the energy was light-like particles rather than solid colour. It felt like the patterns were a Venus matrix, a signature pattern. When he was finished, he stood back and the circle of people began to sound note frequencies in unison.
Their sounding created a dome around all the work that they had just done, which I know acts as a protective shield.
Then a man appeared from the Eastern part of the circle of people. He was of the Faery race and he placed a large book on the ground within the lozenge. Its cover was made of beaten gold and had jewels all over it. He called it the book of Knowledge and said that it was the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the people of Devon and Cornwall, i.e. Grimspound, Merrivale etc. He said that this was the strongest energy connection to here, on the Maypole. He stood back. Then, a woman dressed in a gossamer-white gown, stood into the circle from the north, and she held out a lighted lantern. She said she would light the way for those who needed to find theirs. Her gift was the gift of light, to light the way for those in the dark. Here their path would be lit. She was a lovely, gentle feminine, Faery energy. She remained in the circle.
Lastly, on another layer, the Venus pentagram was laid, from the cosmos, like at Rennes le Chateau.
I then made an intentional connection to the Faraway Ones as I was instructed and asked them to anchor their energy here. After a while, I felt the connection to them and they sent an ornate Neptune’s trident through the column where it inserted itself like a key into the ground. The key itself is gold and brings the energy of the sea.
They then began to put energy through me and told me it would ‘flow like liquid fire’. They told me to sleep then, as it would continue flowing while I slept, until first light.
Well, it didn’t stop until the following evening. I felt like I was on another planet and found it very difficult to remain grounded. it reminded of the ascension initiation I had experienced in Cairo beside the Great Pyramid.
When the energy finally stopped I felt ‘back to normal’ but had no idea what this was about. I am slowly learning…

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