The Dingle Goddess. 2008

Part of a Trip to the West of Ireland:
Our next meeting with the Goddess on this trip came when we got to Dingle. I didn’t know where we were supposed to go so I waited for inspiration. On the second day there, while looking on the map, I found a place called ‘Cloghan’ just north of Dingle and knew that we had to go there as I had kept saying, the previous few days, that we had to go to ‘Clochan’ when I meant to say some other place beginning with ‘C’! Cloghan is the anglicized version of Clochan!
So, when we had finished breakfast the first morning on Dingle we drove over the Conor Pass to Cloghan. We thought we had to do some work in the church there but when we got there, through the thick rain clouds on the mountain pass, it was shut! I didn’t know why we had been told to go there! Then I spotted a map on a wall across the road so we had a look. My guides said ‘go back up the road’. Where??? On the map, just back up the road, was another small road leading up to a lake. It reminded me of Cader Idris, where I had had an initiation into the temple of Artemis last year, so back we went! The road was a bohreen really and led through some beautiful countryside. We drove on until we came to its end which continued on as a walking route up to Brandon hill. The clouds were sinking further and further down into the valley and the wind was wild. It was raining a little but it wouldn’t be long before it was a downpour. I hoped we could do the work before it poured! No such luck!!
The only way into the field by the bottom lake was quite some distance back down the road so by the time we made it there we were absolutely drenched and trying hard to stay on our feet. The wind was so strong…….
We walked down through the bog and as close to the water as we could without sinking! The wind was powerful and it felt furious. It whipped up little tornadoes of water on the lake which looked and felt amazing! One of them even looked like a phantom Celtic boat sailing across the water.
Energetically it felt like a furious goddess, angry and punishing. The lake water, her home, was a well of rage. ‘The mad woman’ my guides said she had come to be called, and she felt mad. I saw myself hold up the golden ankh, with both hands, like Christians do with their cross. Trying to stay on my feet while the rain saturated everything I had on was no easy thing. This goddess energy was uncontrollable.
It took time to do this, trying to withstand her rage and do the work in her quieter moments. As I continued to hold up the ankh I suddenly saw myself plunging it into the bottom of the lake. It opened up a vortex there which allowed the golden energy to flow upwards in a rush. The weather didn’t change in its intensity! Then I felt like St Patrick and I was holding his crosier. This was different! I did connect with him in Glendalough where he gave me his book but I’ve never really been very enamoured of him as I’d always believed that it was because of him that the old religion had died. But here I was doing his thing! He was energetically calming this angry goddess, calming the waters. It felt really familiar somehow. Were there stories of him doing that? But this goddess was too full of rage to be calmed. His intention though over-rode her anger. I saw the four corners of the platinum net, which I use to gather up old, negative energy, being gathered up and brought up through the lake taking this raging goddess with it. I was surprised! I thought she could be healed or something but no, she needed to be healed elsewhere. Her rage was no longer able to be contained here. I wondered what she really represented. She felt like she was the anger of all women who have had their power stripped away from them and all they are left with is their madness as no-one listens to them anymore. A disempowered and angry woman who rants and raves but is considered mad. A very useful energy to release.
When she had been taken away I waited for the next bit. Then my energy umbilical cord unwound from where it usually lies, coiled up in the centre of my body, and went into the vortex which was now open. This cord lies like a serpent, waiting to be used. All earth energy workers have one its just not always activated and ready to use!
One of the diamonds I have been carrying, in my centre, picked up through my cord from the bottom of a lake in Hampshire last year, went down through it along with water. This has been happening more regularly lately. My cord can act as a water hose type thing, picking up or depositing water through it!! I wonder if it was St Patrick or St Enda as I had received some water from St Enda’s well on Aran the previous week?
With the diamond now anchored in the vortex the golden solar energy which now poured out through it also passed through the diamond bringing that frequency with it. Diamond and solar energy, together.
And that was that! It had now stopped raining but was still windy, just not as much, so our trousers got a bit of a dry before we got back into the car. A strange morning’s work. I wondered what it all meant!
The following day we drove back to Dunmore East, in County Waterford. It was a beautiful day, completely different to the previous one but I did expect that as I had watched the weather forecast!!
I had a very interesting experience though as we drove through the Dingle peninsula. The sun was shining and I began to feel completely open to its energy. I felt like the energy of the Earth, sensually open to the rays of the sun. I felt like a woman waking up on a bed of satin sheets, wearing satin pyjamas. The space around me felt luxurious and if I could see the woman she would have been stretching and luxuriating in the feel and cleanness of the room and bed, as though she was coming alive to the beautiful sunshine day. It was a wonderful feeling and I felt so open to it. I couldn’t have opened myself up any more as my whole body was absorbing this wonderful energy. It felt like I had a zip along the length of my body which I could just open up so all the inside of my body could receive this light. After a few minutes this feeling moved to the rain and I felt like the earth, accepting and loving the rain as it was absorbed into my body, feeding me as the sun had done.
Then after a few miles, the feelings faded and I wondered at the fabulous joy of how it is to accept these elements into oneself. Further down the road I began to feel an overwhelming sadness. I couldn’t figure it out. I saw an old derelict building and the feeling got worse. I began to be aware that this feeling was not mine but the newly awakened Earth Goddess. Having woken she now sees how things have changed. She is not honoured as she once was. The people who were around in her time worked in harmony with her, worked with her rather than exploited her as they do now. Like the Achuar Indians, they recognised how to live on the earth and how she gave them everything they needed to live. There was no greed and addiction, everything was shared. ‘Her’ people were now dead and gone.
This feeling persisted until, again, it faded and then I saw her, like a huge giantess moving across the land. Time for some changes, things had been neglected. I saw her huge hands resculpting the mountains, like a giant sculptress. She smoothed out other parts of the landscape, like a potter working with clay. Every now and then she stood back and surveyed her work. If she was happy she left it at that, if she wasn’t she worked a little more until she was. A huge hand patted the side of a small hill which sent a shudder through the land, like an earthquake. Then she began to plant new forests. She spent ages making sure that they were in exactly the right place for the landscape. It was amazing to watch, but also a little scary. She was so huge that I couldn’t actually see her in her entirety, just the parts that were doing the work or her face smiling as she worked.
It was interesting also as when she woke up she was young but as she went through these ‘phases’ she seemed to be getting older. By the time she was doing her resculpting she was well into middle age. When she was finished doing her ‘earth work’ she began to look for a place to sleep. She found Newgrange which had been specially prepared for her and she went in and curled up like a baby and fell asleep. I thought it was strange that she would sleep in Newgrange but then realised that the sun would wake her up again at Mid-Winter and she would start her yearly cycle, just like she had always done. She was back!
It was an amazing journey with her. I felt like I was her, woman of the earth. It made me aware that the more I work with the Earth in the Gaia Method, an earth-healing modality, the more I become part of the Goddess awareness. That leaves me a lot to think about. I am aware that I have been doing my bit to awaken the goddess here in Ireland so that we could go back to honouring her and living as part of her like we used to do. It feels like a children’s story. As did the Goddess energy in her orchard Dun on Aran. Perhaps stories can be written for children about it? How amazing would that be?

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